So, this transfer embargo. Where do we go from here?

With Duff & Phelps and Mr Green, acting on behalf of Rangers FC, being in talks with the SFA to thrash out a deal regarding the transfer embargo currently hanging over the club –  it could be time to start concentrating on the rebuilding.

The discussions are based around coming to an agreement between the two parties which will ultimately see the embargo partially upheld with Rangers being given the green light to agree contracts with free agents but not purchase new players for a 12-18 month period.

It’s frustrating to look at the whole situation with an open mind, because when we do – even though we can sense and understand the need for a punishment to be handed out – we feel this strange sense of unadulterated hatred and ferocity emanating from Scottish football as a whole. That’s when it becomes difficult to stomach, because something that looks like a total lack of understanding of the significant value added to Scottish football’s economy by Rangers FC is actually the exact opposite. It’s the need and want by the other SPL clubs and their fans to keep Rangers in the top flight but to cripple them beyond repair for a year and count on their money to survive that really leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the ordinary Rangers supporter.

Make the club uncompetitive but keep us in the league for our money? That’s simply outrageous and quite rightly, had to be challenged.

Do Rangers fans think that they are above punishment? Absolutely not, but punish the club not with fairytale sanctions that ridicule our country worldwide. Punish the club bearing in mind that the unpaid income tax was the decision of one man and one man alone but nevertheless, punish the club with fairness and equality in mind, we welcome this with open arms.

If, as expected, this goes through and we are able to look at the free agents on the market, it will at least provide us with some stability going forward into the new season. We expect many players to leave in the not too distant future, the spine of the team that dominated Scottish Football for the last 5 years rupturing as some players take the opportunity to activate the clause in the deals struck with Duff & Phelps that allows them to leave at bargain prices and find new clubs willing to provide generous signing on fees.

It’s going to be difficult for key players to stay. If some do a new word will have to be born, because ‘Legend’ just won’t cut it.

We know a certain Gennaro Gattuso will be available on a free transfer and has told everyone wanting to listen, and some that do not, that his intention is to close out his career in Glasgow with Rangers. This could provide the perfect wealth of experience the young kids of next season should be learning from, giving the squad some much needed balance, and put a smile on the fan’s faces at the same time.

Ian Black is a strange one. I’ve cursed this man numerous times over the past 2 years for his ridiculously over-the-top challenges, the likes of which robbed Rangers of the talented Jelavic for a substantial period of time. Some have screamed from the stands as he seemed to continue this trend in Rangers versus Hearts games in the weeks and months since but there’s just something about him that could be just what Rangers need. His passion, hard work, determination and commitment simply cannot be questioned. The fire in his belly could be perfect for a new look Rangers side opening the season with a point to prove.

Carlos Cuellar departs Aston Villa this summer and in a recent interview stated how he would love to play once again for the Rangers, the only club that he says ever made him feel  ‘part of something special’.

If free agents are obtainable then the options are there for Rangers to come out of this hardship and really push for a the new beginning that is not only required, but deserved. It will be an interesting few days, that’s for sure.

“Celtic Loving” Sports Law Expert warns of dangers as Rangers win court case.

Today’s Scottish media is full of reports that FIFA are ready to step in and close Scottish Football down. Like that’s going to happen. From the tabloids to the tablecloths, the spin is off the charts.

Let’s revisit what the FIFA spokesman actually said before the court hearing: “Fifa will ask the member association (SFA) to take action so that the club withdraws its request from the ordinary courts.”

Yes, you read that right – before the court hearing.

This could be read as FIFA telling the SFA to get their finger out of their arses and fix this situation before the game is brought into disrepute. SFA did not, and the case followed through with Lord Glennie coming to the natural conclusion that the transfer embargo imposed on Rangers was not lawful. To clarify, the SFA acted illegally and in turn totally spat in the face of legal integrity.

Mr Regan, you broke the law.

Predictably, shortly after this landmark decision hits the public domain, the outcry from the usual suspects begins. The Scottish media go into overdrive.

The BBC ran with a story late last night on their website in which Dr Gregory Ioannidis played an integral part in. The story had the sensationlist headline “Scottish football ‘faces international ban’ over Rangers SFA court challenge”and can be found here. Who is Gregory Ioannidis? To quote the BBC, he’s one of “Europe’s top experts on sports law”. Let’s see what he has to say.

“It’s going to be damaging for Scottish football.

“If the Scottish Football Association decide not to take action against Rangers in relation to Rangers submitting the application to the Court of Session then Fifa can penalise both the Scottish association and the individual clubs and the national team of Scotland and impose an international ban on all of them.”

We should listen to this guy right? He’s one of Europe’s top experts on sports law. Well in the normal world, yes we should but when we look a little bit closer at Mr Ioannidis, it’s clear to see that there’s significantly more to him then meets the eye which begs the question of the BBC; why would you approach someone who is clearly biased to comment on this subject?

Gregory Ioannidis is the agent of Georgios Samaras, and boasts on his Twitter page that he “loves Celtic”. Has written an article posted on Buckingham University’s website that challenges UEFA’s decision to charge Celtic for Pro-IRA chanting and interestingingly stated in an article on the infamous lawtop20 blog entitled “Rangers FC: Morality or the Law?” that “At this juncture, morality and belief need to step aside and give their place to law and justice. Remember, we do not make law because of the existence of morality, because if that was the case, you could have started questioning whose morality are we applying after all and why. Instead we concentrate on the application of three important principles: justice, fairness and equality.” Well apparently that’s only the case when it suits your agenda Gregory, which it clearly did not when you were giving the BBC a statement last night.

Questions should be asked of the BBC as to why they felt it within the realms of journalistic integrity to be requesting quotes from and then printing as conjecture the opinions of a Celtic loving lawyer.

Funnily enough, others are picking up on this idiotic connection between Rangers and Sion, promoting Gregory’s guesswork as fact and spreading it like wildfire.

FIFA demand the SFA punish Rangers, or do they?

A little more than a couple of hours had passed in the landmark decision that proved the SFA acted illegally in their draconian sanctions against Rangers Football Club when the Scottish media went into full blown ‘but, but . .’ mode with the apparent bombshell that FIFA have demanded the SFA ‘Punish Rangers for going to court’.

Now, as sensational as this idea might be, it is only that – an idea.

What a FIFA spokesman actually said prior to the court’s decision was:

“Fifa will ask the member association (SFA) to take action so that the club withdraws its request from the ordinary courts.”

To me, that looks like it could be a warning shot to the SFA from FIFA telling them to get their act together, resolve this situation, and quickly because we don’t want another Bosman.

But hey, why let the the truth get in the way of giving Rangers a good kicking.

SFA act illegally. RFC transfer embargo overturned.

As the dust settles on another afternoon of emotional warfare, the news that the Scottish Football Association have acted illegally in it’s punishment takes the headlines.

One would say that questions now need to be asked of the SFA Chief Executive Stuart Regan, and the first question could very well be: What made you think you were above the law Stuart?

In a time where it seems that Rangers are being battered from one end of Glasgow to another from everyone and their dog, is it satisfying for Rangers fans that the head of football in Scotland has brought the game into disrepute on a massive scale? Does it make us smile that he might very well have adversely affected Scottish Football’s integrity? (no laughing at the back there!)

No, it doesn’t, all we wanted was to be treated fairly.

Is it perhaps time to see an investigation launched into a certain Glasgow club’s Chief Executive’s role in the decision making within the SFA? It is somewhat strange that on the day the SFA handed down the illegal punishment, the certain Glasgow club’s Chief Executive was hiding in another room in Hampden, fully aware of what was about to happen and ready to discuss with Mr Regan what their next steps would be.

Today’s news isn’t even a victory, it’s just normality. Fairness and equality is surely what Scotland’s most successful club deserves, it’s certainly going to be very interesting to see where the SFA go from here. Especially as they have publicly stated that expulsion is too severe. Remember Stewart, you’re not allowed to make up any more rules or sanctions.

The day that those draconian sanctions were announced, I closed my eyes. Everything felt heavy in that moment. It was overwhelming.

Now it feels that we’re back on a level playing field, now we can continue on the path towards rebuilding this great institution.

We’re going nowhere, and you know it.

Rangers 1872

It’s been several months of pain, that’s for sure.

It feels like only yesterday that we were inches away from the first ever Champions League final, as we watched Brian Laudrup score with a ferocious header to clinch 9 in a  row, that Easter Road gave witness to the helicopter changing direction or when we woke up with more excitement than a young child at Christmas the morning we departed for Manchester. These are the occasions every football fan lives for.

I remember going to sleep on the night of February 14th 2012.  I was tired, I could barely keep my eyes open and my mind just felt completely overpowered with exhaustion. It all felt like too much, was it really happening? I remember staring blankly at the ceiling. I wanted to push my anxiety down and just sink into the covers. It took me a while to fall asleep that night. The memory remains raw, I can still feel it ache.

What has transpired since has been something of a free-for-all. A militant cry of “let’s get them while they’re down” went out around Scotland as they gathered round what they thought was the rotting carcass of a once ferocious bear. At first there were little sneaky kicks, afraid of the reprisal. Then as they noticed the lack of defence; the strength and speed of the kicks grew as they all went for their peace of meat. The entire thing started to feel perverse.

No more.

We are a group of Rangers fans with the best interests of this club at heart. The purpose of this blog is to celebrate Rangers Football Club,  promote Rangers Football Club and if need be; defend Rangers Football Club.

Rangers will never die.

Rangers then, Rangers now, Rangers forever.