FIFA demand the SFA punish Rangers, or do they?

A little more than a couple of hours had passed in the landmark decision that proved the SFA acted illegally in their draconian sanctions against Rangers Football Club when the Scottish media went into full blown ‘but, but . .’ mode with the apparent bombshell that FIFA have demanded the SFA ‘Punish Rangers for going to court’.

Now, as sensational as this idea might be, it is only that – an idea.

What a FIFA spokesman actually said prior to the court’s decision was:

“Fifa will ask the member association (SFA) to take action so that the club withdraws its request from the ordinary courts.”

To me, that looks like it could be a warning shot to the SFA from FIFA telling them to get their act together, resolve this situation, and quickly because we don’t want another Bosman.

But hey, why let the the truth get in the way of giving Rangers a good kicking.