Rangers 1872

It’s been several months of pain, that’s for sure.

It feels like only yesterday that we were inches away from the first ever Champions League final, as we watched Brian Laudrup score with a ferocious header to clinch 9 in a  row, that Easter Road gave witness to the helicopter changing direction or when we woke up with more excitement than a young child at Christmas the morning we departed for Manchester. These are the occasions every football fan lives for.

I remember going to sleep on the night of February 14th 2012.  I was tired, I could barely keep my eyes open and my mind just felt completely overpowered with exhaustion. It all felt like too much, was it really happening? I remember staring blankly at the ceiling. I wanted to push my anxiety down and just sink into the covers. It took me a while to fall asleep that night. The memory remains raw, I can still feel it ache.

What has transpired since has been something of a free-for-all. A militant cry of “let’s get them while they’re down” went out around Scotland as they gathered round what they thought was the rotting carcass of a once ferocious bear. At first there were little sneaky kicks, afraid of the reprisal. Then as they noticed the lack of defence; the strength and speed of the kicks grew as they all went for their peace of meat. The entire thing started to feel perverse.

No more.

We are a group of Rangers fans with the best interests of this club at heart. The purpose of this blog is to celebrate Rangers Football Club,  promote Rangers Football Club and if need be; defend Rangers Football Club.

Rangers will never die.

Rangers then, Rangers now, Rangers forever.