SFA act illegally. RFC transfer embargo overturned.

As the dust settles on another afternoon of emotional warfare, the news that the Scottish Football Association have acted illegally in it’s punishment takes the headlines.

One would say that questions now need to be asked of the SFA Chief Executive Stuart Regan, and the first question could very well be: What made you think you were above the law Stuart?

In a time where it seems that Rangers are being battered from one end of Glasgow to another from everyone and their dog, is it satisfying for Rangers fans that the head of football in Scotland has brought the game into disrepute on a massive scale? Does it make us smile that he might very well have adversely affected Scottish Football’s integrity? (no laughing at the back there!)

No, it doesn’t, all we wanted was to be treated fairly.

Is it perhaps time to see an investigation launched into a certain Glasgow club’s Chief Executive’s role in the decision making within the SFA? It is somewhat strange that on the day the SFA handed down the illegal punishment, the certain Glasgow club’s Chief Executive was hiding in another room in Hampden, fully aware of what was about to happen and ready to discuss with Mr Regan what their next steps would be.

Today’s news isn’t even a victory, it’s just normality. Fairness and equality is surely what Scotland’s most successful club deserves, it’s certainly going to be very interesting to see where the SFA go from here. Especially as they have publicly stated that expulsion is too severe. Remember Stewart, you’re not allowed to make up any more rules or sanctions.

The day that those draconian sanctions were announced, I closed my eyes. Everything felt heavy in that moment. It was overwhelming.

Now it feels that we’re back on a level playing field, now we can continue on the path towards rebuilding this great institution.

We’re going nowhere, and you know it.