“Celtic Loving” Sports Law Expert warns of dangers as Rangers win court case.

Today’s Scottish media is full of reports that FIFA are ready to step in and close Scottish Football down. Like that’s going to happen. From the tabloids to the tablecloths, the spin is off the charts.

Let’s revisit what the FIFA spokesman actually said before the court hearing: “Fifa will ask the member association (SFA) to take action so that the club withdraws its request from the ordinary courts.”

Yes, you read that right – before the court hearing.

This could be read as FIFA telling the SFA to get their finger out of their arses and fix this situation before the game is brought into disrepute. SFA did not, and the case followed through with Lord Glennie coming to the natural conclusion that the transfer embargo imposed on Rangers was not lawful. To clarify, the SFA acted illegally and in turn totally spat in the face of legal integrity.

Mr Regan, you broke the law.

Predictably, shortly after this landmark decision hits the public domain, the outcry from the usual suspects begins. The Scottish media go into overdrive.

The BBC ran with a story late last night on their website in which Dr Gregory Ioannidis played an integral part in. The story had the sensationlist headline “Scottish football ‘faces international ban’ over Rangers SFA court challenge”and can be found here. Who is Gregory Ioannidis? To quote the BBC, he’s one of “Europe’s top experts on sports law”. Let’s see what he has to say.

“It’s going to be damaging for Scottish football.

“If the Scottish Football Association decide not to take action against Rangers in relation to Rangers submitting the application to the Court of Session then Fifa can penalise both the Scottish association and the individual clubs and the national team of Scotland and impose an international ban on all of them.”

We should listen to this guy right? He’s one of Europe’s top experts on sports law. Well in the normal world, yes we should but when we look a little bit closer at Mr Ioannidis, it’s clear to see that there’s significantly more to him then meets the eye which begs the question of the BBC; why would you approach someone who is clearly biased to comment on this subject?

Gregory Ioannidis is the agent of Georgios Samaras, and boasts on his Twitter page that he “loves Celtic”. Has written an article posted on Buckingham University’s website that challenges UEFA’s decision to charge Celtic for Pro-IRA chanting and interestingingly stated in an article on the infamous lawtop20 blog entitled “Rangers FC: Morality or the Law?” that “At this juncture, morality and belief need to step aside and give their place to law and justice. Remember, we do not make law because of the existence of morality, because if that was the case, you could have started questioning whose morality are we applying after all and why. Instead we concentrate on the application of three important principles: justice, fairness and equality.” Well apparently that’s only the case when it suits your agenda Gregory, which it clearly did not when you were giving the BBC a statement last night.

Questions should be asked of the BBC as to why they felt it within the realms of journalistic integrity to be requesting quotes from and then printing as conjecture the opinions of a Celtic loving lawyer.

Funnily enough, others are picking up on this idiotic connection between Rangers and Sion, promoting Gregory’s guesswork as fact and spreading it like wildfire.