So, this transfer embargo. Where do we go from here?

With Duff & Phelps and Mr Green, acting on behalf of Rangers FC, being in talks with the SFA to thrash out a deal regarding the transfer embargo currently hanging over the club –  it could be time to start concentrating on the rebuilding.

The discussions are based around coming to an agreement between the two parties which will ultimately see the embargo partially upheld with Rangers being given the green light to agree contracts with free agents but not purchase new players for a 12-18 month period.

It’s frustrating to look at the whole situation with an open mind, because when we do – even though we can sense and understand the need for a punishment to be handed out – we feel this strange sense of unadulterated hatred and ferocity emanating from Scottish football as a whole. That’s when it becomes difficult to stomach, because something that looks like a total lack of understanding of the significant value added to Scottish football’s economy by Rangers FC is actually the exact opposite. It’s the need and want by the other SPL clubs and their fans to keep Rangers in the top flight but to cripple them beyond repair for a year and count on their money to survive that really leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the ordinary Rangers supporter.

Make the club uncompetitive but keep us in the league for our money? That’s simply outrageous and quite rightly, had to be challenged.

Do Rangers fans think that they are above punishment? Absolutely not, but punish the club not with fairytale sanctions that ridicule our country worldwide. Punish the club bearing in mind that the unpaid income tax was the decision of one man and one man alone but nevertheless, punish the club with fairness and equality in mind, we welcome this with open arms.

If, as expected, this goes through and we are able to look at the free agents on the market, it will at least provide us with some stability going forward into the new season. We expect many players to leave in the not too distant future, the spine of the team that dominated Scottish Football for the last 5 years rupturing as some players take the opportunity to activate the clause in the deals struck with Duff & Phelps that allows them to leave at bargain prices and find new clubs willing to provide generous signing on fees.

It’s going to be difficult for key players to stay. If some do a new word will have to be born, because ‘Legend’ just won’t cut it.

We know a certain Gennaro Gattuso will be available on a free transfer and has told everyone wanting to listen, and some that do not, that his intention is to close out his career in Glasgow with Rangers. This could provide the perfect wealth of experience the young kids of next season should be learning from, giving the squad some much needed balance, and put a smile on the fan’s faces at the same time.

Ian Black is a strange one. I’ve cursed this man numerous times over the past 2 years for his ridiculously over-the-top challenges, the likes of which robbed Rangers of the talented Jelavic for a substantial period of time. Some have screamed from the stands as he seemed to continue this trend in Rangers versus Hearts games in the weeks and months since but there’s just something about him that could be just what Rangers need. His passion, hard work, determination and commitment simply cannot be questioned. The fire in his belly could be perfect for a new look Rangers side opening the season with a point to prove.

Carlos Cuellar departs Aston Villa this summer and in a recent interview stated how he would love to play once again for the Rangers, the only club that he says ever made him feel  ‘part of something special’.

If free agents are obtainable then the options are there for Rangers to come out of this hardship and really push for a the new beginning that is not only required, but deserved. It will be an interesting few days, that’s for sure.