Enough is enough.

Rangers Football Club have been punished enough.

– Docked 10 points last term – formally ending any hopes of retaining the championship.

– Fined £160,000 by the SFA

– Banned from signing players for 12 months

– Rangers FC PLC officially Liquidated

– Banned from playing in Europe for 3 years

Now there’s talk of potential Scottish Cup bans, sanctions for being allowed back into the SPL as a newco, punishment for mismanagement of EBTs.

It goes on and on, enough is enough, the blood-lust needs to stop now. Rangers Football Club have been punished enough.

The people who still need to be dealt with are David Murray and Craig Whyte.

I have a sneaking suspicion that liquidation firm BDO’s investigation into the matters of Rangers Football Club PLC will do just that.

Rangers then, Rangers now, Rangers forever.