The delusions of a chief correspondent.

There’s a certain television reporter out there who has been used like a cheap prostitute by a certain tax case blog and their followers to catapult themselves into the limelight of Scottish football to unearth an unholy dominance of Scotland as a whole by Rangers Football Club.

This deluded old man actually believed that he was onto the story of a lifetime. Unfortunately for him and his punters, it’s merely shown up the extensive lack of credibility that was already apparent when it comes to the paranoid delusions pandered by a certain type of Scottish creature.

Mr T has even reported some of their wildest fantasies as fact.

“UEFA will treat a CVA the same as a newco and punish with European ban”  – No they won’t Mr T, you were just fed that by the trolls and you lapped it up.

You even claimed to have been threatened by a Scottish Journalist when it was clearly a parody Twitter account created by a Celtic supporter, and you lapped it up.

You claimed that Craig Whyte was not going to budge for a penny less than 30m, clearly pandering to the line that Rangers were going to die – you just made that up Mr T.  You plucked it out of thin air.

What’s wrong with you?

One of your blogs includes the following:

“Nobody likes a cheat in sport. And here we have one in the shape of the loudest, biggest club with what some see as a tawdry history of bigotry, violent fans and a frankly supremacist culture. So when the bully and the cheat gets his come-uppance, there will be some vitriol.”

The above drivel confirms to me that you’re being used for the sole purpose of attempting to further discredit Rangers outwith Scotland by creatures with a serious anti-Rangers agenda.

You’re simply the most gullible person in the media world Mr T – and you can’t even see you’re being manipulated within an ounce of your career.

It’s gotten to the stage where you actually dreamt up meeting a perspective Rangers buyer and reported on it – just to appear like you had “sources” in this whole sorry saga. You weren’t even in London that day were you Mr T? The day you supposedly met this billionaire Rangers man?

You have been shown to be nothing more than a deluded and gullible old fool since you started believing what you were being told by the likes of a certain Scottish “freelance reporter” who’s actually Irish but really Scottish but wants to be Irish so now lives in the “hills of Donegal”.

This is why Rangers fans will now read your articles and laugh, we won’t let you get to us with your snidey snipes at the Legends of our Club, you just continue on making a fool of yourself.

Don’t forget though, the sleeping giant is waking up – don’t be surprised to see your slanderous nonsense taken to task in a more official capacity in the not so distant future.

You have become a joke in the circles in which you worked so hard to conquer.

They’re laughing at you now Mr T, all of them.