Remember this, we will.

Football is supposed to be fun, football is where relationships are born and fostered, football is where you go to escape the everyday pressures of the Monday to Friday grind, and football gets into your bones or more specifically the club you support gets into your bones, your mood day by day is intrinsically linked to the fortunes of the club you love. As a supporter of Rangers Football Club, there’s not been a lot to smile about lately.

However I remember and always will the good times and before anyone asks this is no obituary, we will rise again!

I remember Souness coming in and revolutionizing Scottish football, we signed the England Captain! Steven Gerrard anyone? I remember beating Aberdeen 2-0 on the final day, the countless victories against Celtic and through all this it was done with my mates, they were the good times and we thought they would never end. They have.

For the clubs who wish our demise, remember this and remember it clearly: without us Scottish Football would have died a long time ago, if David Holmes had not employed Souness where would we be now? Would Celtic ever have signed the likes of Cadete? Di-Canio? Larsson? Van Hooijdonk? Would Caniggia have signed for Dundee? Well no they wouldn’t, we as a club put Scotland back on the footballing map, but the hatred from the res clouds even a hint of reasonable thought, in the words of a cleverer man than me “Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity”

All the rest now throw out lines about sporting integrity (what short memories our neighbors’ from the east have), yes some individuals acted in an inappropriate manner – we deserve to be punished they say, but to the extent we have? And continue to be? No, enough is enough, some might say that we have already lost the club – to liquidation, is that enough?

No apparently not? Let’s hammer he newco aswell, no need – our new owners appear to be making a perfectly good job of that all by themselves.

This has been a farce of quite vaudevillian proportions, from Murray to Whyte, the Blue Knights and Bill Miller, Walter & McColl, Bomber Brown’s “Consortium”, the press, the sfa, the sfl, the taxman, Ticketus. It’s been a nightmare, and it never seems to end – if we were a dog we would have been put down long ago. Yet here we are.

What the future holds is anyone’s guess, some say if we go down altogether then it’s Civil War! I don’t know if that’s true but we cannot let this go, we cannot let our club wither and die, we owe it to our yesterdays and we owe it to our tomorrows, I for one will remember the good times and look ahead to many, many more.

Never have the words of one of our anthems been more true: “no one likes us, we don’t care”.

Well folks, when we are on the way back up remember where you drew you’re line in the sand, remember who you backed and don’t cry at our door when you lock the gates of your club due to certain self-serving people within Scottish society telling you to uphold your “sporting integrity”.

There will come a time when you want the Rangers to back you, to help you, to protect you, to fight your fight – when that time comes, remember your integrity, it’s all you’ll have.

Common decency and dignity mean a lot, lot more.