Enough of the Infighting – It’s time to unite as one.

Despite the last few days becoming a prelude to what could be our great clubs final hour, there are still those amongst the support who would rather fight with each other, than look at the bigger picture and realise the damage that is being done from within.

There is a great statement my late mum used to tell me all the time:

“With friends like those, you don’t need enemies!

and do you know what, right now it’s never been more true.

Honestly, I don’t care who thinks what about Mark, The RST, The Assembly, The RFFF, whoever, right now it’s irrelevant!


Personally, I don’t know John Brown, all I do know is that he has always told it how it is, and worn his heart on his sleeve when it comes to our club. Should we trust him, there’s no time for if’s, buts or maybes, we quite simply have to!

For months you have screamed that we need a leader to unite behind, we now have one, you may not like him, but he’s all we’ve got, and he needs our support so it’s time to give him it.

For those of you phrophets of doom out there, claiming its all over, there’s nothing we can do, we’re doomed!

Let me remind you all of this:

Back in ’94 we all thought the mhanks were finished, the board wouldn’t sell, the bank had a winding up order, they were done, finished, no more!

But they mobilised, in numbers, they used the press, they united and in the end the rhebels won, with only hours to spare, they wheeled out the bunnet and all was saved, (no-one had heard of him either, before that point) and they began their rebuilding, albeit into a vicious rhat infested, disease ridden monstrosity it is now.

So I ask you all, do we want to be remembered for fighting with each other as our club went down, or do we decide to work together, support one another, and unite behind bomber, so that we too can change our destiny and control the future of this great institution.

If they can do it, so can we, I’ve never been beaten by a tim at anything and I don’t intend to start now, they had to rebuild, so do we, but together we will be stronger, we will be more successful, and we will drive this club to even more success in the future.

There is no more time for arguing, no more time for excuses, only actions, Rangers are in our blood, we are born, not chosen, now get out there and prove the doubters wrong, show them just why we are the worlds most successful club, and above all save our club!


Nookie Bear