Die on our feet, or live on our knees?

Without us Scottish football dies, maybe not straight away but not in the dim and distant future either. The SPL document released yesterday makes it very clear that we are not the only ones who see this.

Rangers fans will not flock in any great numbers to the grounds of those who chose to destroy us, a few will doubtless swim in against the tide but the overwhelming majority will not. It’s unlikely that our sons will either, possibly if Scottish football can hang on for that length of time then the numbers will gradually start to increase with the following generation.

The filth will be in the best position to withstand the financial drain of an uncompetitive league and reduced attendances even so they will be hit hardest. In an attempt to minimise their losses the other clubs will dramatically increase the price of admission to their grounds whenever the tarriers come to town.

Their own attendances will drop as a procession to each subsequent title becomes ever less appealing to watch and harder to justify the expensive of to wives and partners. Television and sponsorship was hardly aplenty when Scottish football was a two horse race, only a fool would suspect the situation will improve in a competition with only one winner. The standard of player they can attract diminishes too, what level of player wishes to test himself in a cakewalk? Money from Europe will be even harder to come by as the co-efficient drops and the vicious circle starts to complete itself. Add to that the nuclear option of a 50/50 split in gate receipts, whatever assurances they have received or manipulated from the other clubs that their veto won’t be taken from them the situation will change when the other clubs are in danger of going under.

Then there’s the remaining clubs, how many times a season can they fill their stadiums now? How long will the feel good factor of having slain their “evil giant” last? Who will rise to become the 2nd force in Scottish football? Hearts? Hibs? Aberdeen? Dundee Utd? Without their full 4 houses a season these teams have demonstrated that the financial impact forces them into a downward spiral and that recovery takes them a significant amount of time.

They expect us to take undocumented, unjust and vindictive punishments for crimes we haven’t even been found guilty of yet and at the same time continue to contribute to their financial survival.

The damage is perhaps already done and Scottish football may never fully recover whatever the eventual outcome.

I have not spoken to one fan who feels we should get scot free for what has happened, we haven’t.

We have taken the hit for administration.

Liquidation of the Old Co. see’s us unable to compete in Europe for 3 seasons

And everyone I know agrees that football debts should still be paid in full by the New Co.

What more can be rightly expected of us? In my opinion nothing, any additional punishment is simply unacceptable for me. I have much the same feelings towards the fans of the other clubs in the SPL as they have towards us, that is only the nature of the beast. Is it really a shock that Rangers fans detest the others to same extent that they detest us or vice versa?

If Rangers knuckle under and accept this proposal (whoever may be in charge come Wednesday) then they will quite simply no longer be the Rangers I know and love. I know that is a personal opinion and is not shared by all those who post on here let alone the Rangers support as a whole.

I would rather see us die on our feet than live on our knees, we should (in my opinion) under no circumstances even be considering these proposals. SPL with no further penalties until such times as any wrong doing is proven or reapply to the SFL and start at the bottom and work our way back up.
Our fan base alone ensures that we shall survive that climb in some shape or form, what would remain to greet us on our return though would I imagine look very different to the landscape we will leave behind.

I have no consideration for the “greater good” of Scottish football, at least no greater consideration than the rest of Scottish football has for us. If they can’t survive without our involvement, fine we’ll play in the SPL but we won’t be begging you for the privilege, if they think they can, then fine we’ll see what’s left of you in 4yrs time.