Backing the Bomber?

I remember the emotions running wild the day of the protest, finally we had gotten to the stage where we could have our opinions heard and stand together as one proudly proclaiming that never would we allow our club and our fans to be taken advantage ever again.

Earlier that afternoon I spoke on the phone with someone close to John Brown, as we discussed the media reports of John fronting a takeover for Rangers.  I was excited to hear about the former players backing Brown and felt like something special could happen here. If it was done properly.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for John Brown for having the courage to stand up for what he believes in and really take his fight to Charles Green. However, the manner in which the fight would be fought had to be absolutely spot-on.  Complete transparency of the information he had, in conjunction with his plain laid bare for all to see and he’d have every Rangers fan in the land standing right behind him.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way it’s turned out.

John has recently taken to Twitter to release titbits of information and while his online participation with the fans should be commended, it’s ultimately creating separation amongst the support.

What needs to happen now is for John to provide a Q&A session – online or offline – with no questions out of bounds. This needs to happen in the coming days or the buzz that was created by his arrival will have fizzed out for good.

His message to the fans has be absolutely and categorically clear. The total opposite of this past week – which has been fragmented, confusing and in some quarters; ridiculed.

For the record, I’m not going to write off John Brown just yet. It’s my personal opinion that there’s something not quite right about the current setup at the club – and somebody’s clearly telling John the same. But this article isn’t about my opinion, it’s about the general feeling amongst the supporters.

I said during that phonecall that this will only work if he can back up his claims with solid, hard evidence, that hasn’t happened thus far.

We all said we needed a figurehead, and John Brown answered that call. But it’s clear that there are certain rules attached to being that figurehead – open and honest dialogue and complete transparency are key.

Like it or not – the Rangers support are divided on whether or not to back the bomber.

I know where I stand but – without complete transparency – I don’t know for how long.