RangersTaxCase Blog Deleted, Really?

We’ve had a bit of a break in the last few months with regards to publishing content here at Blue Blog headquarters but it certainly cannot and must not be assumed that we have been spending the last few months doing anything other than continuing the trend of protecting and defending our club in any way we possibly can.

We’re breaking our hiatus today because of the simple fact that Rangers Football Club have won the First Tier Tax Tribunal against HMRC. This is fabulous news as it vindicates our great club, allows us to truly move forward and allows us to shove the moral high-ground nonsense that we’ve had to endure in the past 18 months down a few people’s throats.

First, for all the mutants looking in: HMRC will not appeal – the PLC doesn’t have monetary value for them to “win” anything from. Taking into consideration that they’ve already spent/wasted 3m of the tax payer’s money in this witchhunt, you can rest assured that not another penny will be invested into a black hole.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, I want to talk about the RangersTaxCase blog.

Allegedly, when Mar*in K*lly fell onto some sensitive information, he started this blog – it was his intention to be able to approach the whole thing from the perspective of facts not in the public domain, it was very much intended to be a fly by night blog that made a few people take notice and disappear into the night leaving everyone talking about it.

He underestimated the hordes of Rangers haters that make it their lifetime ambition and purpose to be completely and utterly obsessed with all things Rangers Football Club.

The blog hit monumental traffic and the masked one became a celebrity practically overnight. The bloodthirsty call for more, more, more led Mr K*lly to allegedly recruit some like minded individuals to join in on the fun and keep the ghouls happy, enter Pa*l McC*n*il*e, T*ny Mc*el*ie and Ph*l Gil*av*n. Allegedly.

Collectively, these idiots – who all have significant question marks against their names (all 3 of them in Ph*l’s case) – decided to embrace the ghouls by going after more and more information from their “source(s)” – allegedly even threatening to expose the leak if it did not continue to provide documents and information that they could feed to the ghouls.

So Rangers win the tax case, where does that leave you now? It leaves you in a bit of a sticky situation doesn’t it? So what do you do? You delete all incriminating evidence from the blog and hope it all goes away?

Well, unlucky for you.

The Blue Blog along with numerous other people that are fighting every day to clear the name of our great club have been empowered by you.

You created us.

We had to fight back, tooth and nail – fire with fire, so we did via the social media platforms that you polluted and beyond.

Your existence woke us up. You created a monster you can’t control and we’ll stop at absolutely NOTHING until you are all brought to justice for what you’ve done.

Last month when we were in the process of discussing a potential documentary with other bloggers to reveal the truth of what’s happened to our club, and we felt that it would be a good idea to take a copy of the RTC site, you know – just incase they had a wave of common sense approach and convince them just how incriminating it actually was.

Alas, they decided to delete it and try to hide the evidence,  well we have around 85% of RTC’s site content backed up and it will be published at the bottom of this post.

It’s already been sent to David Murray(the absolutely least he can do is take these criminals down) and the police along with contact details of Twitter’s EA Head Office in Dublin – you know, just incase the police wish to request the IP addresses of everyone that’s ever logged into the RTC Twitter account.

Tick tock.

Everyone that values justice should sign this petition with immediate effect.


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