Radio Clyde’s SuperScoreboard – Listen & Participate!

When Radio Clyde is mentioned in the company of Rangers fans, there seems to be an overwhelming cry for us to switch it off and don’t listen to it.

The reason behind this is due to the fact that there has historically been a significant pro-celtic stance in the vast majority of the callers and some would argue the panelists themselves so why give them the listeners?

Here’s where I’m going to go against the grain and explain why every single Rangers fan in Scotland should both tune into SuperScoreboard during every single broadcast and actively participate in the phone-in discussions.

The fact of the matter is that over the course of the last 15 years, this radio show has been polluted by the incoherant stench of anti-Rangers bias because we have allowed it to happen.

It was our fault for taking the dignified silence route.

In all honesty, for far too long have we succumbed to the psychological warfare that has engulfed Scottish society – and that’s what it is; warfare.

We lost a big  battle by allowing them free reign, this trend has to change with immediate effect.

We, as a collective fanbase, must begin to actively participate in this show and take an aggressive stance against the ghoul infested, agenda driven hysteria that has been allowed to be passed off as fact. The extensive mutant participation on Radio Clyde’s SuperScoreboard has been largely responsible for the anti-Rangers brainwashing that has infected Scotland during the club’s recent history.

In simple terms, it’s unchallenged nonsense like this that has led to the public perception of Rangers in Scotland today.

I know a taxi driver that doesn’t even follow football that thought we were crooks because he puts Clyde 1 on for a daily 6pm customer hire he has and heard it often enough on SuperScoreboard. It’s sickening.

I was listening to the show on Wednesday evening, as I do most nights, and heard Andy Walker repeatedly pedal the lie that – even though Rangers have been cleared of any wrongdoing in relation to the First Tier Tribunal – we left a shameful amount of debt. The word shameful must have been used around 20 times in the space of 5 minutes to further emphasise his point of view. It was disgusting.

He took great pride mentioning the number of football clubs that were not paid, and the small local businesses were not paid.

Shameful, shameful, shameful.

The passion in his voice when he made these statements further showed me exactly what we are up against – blind hatred.

I don’t have a problem with Andy Walker being pro-Celtic, he is a Celtic man from a Celtic background and an ex Celtic player. That is not and never has been an issue to me. But there is a substantial difference between being subconsciously pro-Celtic and going out of your way to be consciously and actively anti-Rangers, and that’s what he does – routinely unchallenged.

I tried frantically to get through to the program at this point to take Mr Walker to task on a few issues, like the fact that the Rangers Fan’s Fighting Fund cleared the outstanding amounts of the small debts to local businesses and beyond.

Like the fact that even though the footballing authorities in this country have the audacity to withhold from us monies actually being owed to Rangers FC  – we still made arrangements with all clubs to clear the football debt.

Facts that blew his lies away and would have firmly put him in his place.

I wasn’t able to get through to put these points across to the panel and to politely request that they cease from peddling these lies, but felt great pride as several bears immediately followed Walker’s outburst and questioned his statement of  “Craig Whyte, acting on behalf of Rangers, was Rangers so by default if Craig Whyte did wrong – then it was Rangers that did wrong”

I do not agree with that in any way, but if you really believe that Mr Walker – I’ve got 2 words for you: Jim Torbett.

There was even a point where Walker went on a 5 minute rant saying that he felt for the decent Rangers supporters, and there are some decent Rangers supporters, and those decent Rangers supporters did not deserve what has happened.

The fact that he tried to subconsciously push the agenda of the majority of Rangers supporters not being decent, and that those that are not somehow deserved what happened – is absolutely disgusting.

Bears, we must not and cannot stand idly by and allow those with an agenda to push their brainwashing tactics to the masses any longer, we should be using the power that we have as a support to call into question absolutely anyone that peddles such myths about our club.

If they repeat something often enough, it becomes fact.

Perception is reality.

No more boycotting these phone ins, pull them up for absolutely any lies they spout.

Believe that we’ve come out of this nightmare as a stronger support than ever before and we have the power to fight back.

If we don’t do it – their agenda will continue.

I prefer it when facts are facts and not agenda fuelled dreams by bigots.

No more dignified silence, the people must be heard.