Radio Clyde’s SuperScoreboard – Operation Only Show In Town

Last week we posted an article highlighting the need for participation in this phone in to counteract the agenda driven nonsense that not only regularly smothers the show, but plays it’s part in contributing to the lies and perception becoming reality in relation to our club.

The article was met with some interesting feedback on various forums including some incredible backing and indeed some hesitancy.

So we decided to test the waters and on a day where Celtic play their biggest game in years and this show should be overrun with Celtic supporters slevering over potentially reaching the last 16 of the Champions League.

35 of us arranged to call the show tonight and absolutely bombard it with Rangers related calls to really show both the station itself that we will no longer sit idly by and allow lies to be spread and to show fellow Rangers fans that think if we don’t listen, they’ll just go away, exactly what we can do when we want to.

17 of us got through and live on air to have our views heard – and clearly others called in on their own behalf to follow on with what we said and to make their own point.

If we allow them to spout their lies and spread their agenda – they will. If we don’t allow – they can’t.

Are Celtic playing tonight by the way? You wouldn’t know it by listening to SuperScoreboard tonight.

Rangers FC  – The only show in town.