Scotland – the birth of the 4th Reich ?


I feel in my be in need of some remedial therapy – its not often I find myself agreeing with Brian Wilson, the Celtic supporting politician who, was criticised by his own peers for spending too much time in Dublin, however his latest article which was reproduced in today’s Scotsman newspaper certainly ticked some boxes for me.

Whilst Wilson concentrates on an apparent lack of sense of humour amongst Scotland’s nationalist MP/MSP’s his article does demonstrate the utter hypocrisy of our current political administration One wonders if they will spend millions on legislation to protect the likes of Susan Calman from the type of abuse, threats and intimidation for having the audacity to not only to refuse to tow the party line, but daring to poke fun of them in the process.

Don’t hold your breath – such legislation appears to be solely reserved for the football fan and not the intellectual political animal who hurls abuse with apparent impunity. In fact I can now see where Dr. Stuart Waiton was coming from when he labelled the anti sectarian legislation “snobs law”.

Wilson’s article highlights another concerning trend in this political administration either ridiculing or ignoring those who do not hold with their beliefs. The anti sectarian legislation is the perfect example – passed despite the considerable academic and definitive evidence collected, researched and published by Professor Steve Bruce, and which emphatically contradicts any suggestion Scotland suffers from a considerable sectarian problem.

People will challenge this of course saying there has been a rise in the number of reported religious hate crimes and thus such legislation is justified. In fact it’s the current political administration themselves who have caused this rise, and allow me to demonstrate how this works. Lets take something totally unrelated as an example – dog fouling. If government spent millions (as they did with the FOCUS Unit) creating a plethora of extra dog wardens and directed them to go about their duties with an almost zealous like zero tolerance policy them we would be certain to see a rise in three number of reported dog fouling offences.

The conduct and methods employed in the propaganda war on football supporters under the banner of anti-sectarianism would do Joseph Goebbels proud.

But there is a more sinister aspect to this – the funding of the Police FOCUS Unit by the Scottish Government. There is a real danger here that the Police’s independence from political interference is going to be compromised, as they take the benefit of funding for extra officers in return for doing this political administrations bidding for them.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that despite considerable local and political opposition, that this government have merged Scotland’s Police Forces into a single body – a move which new Chief Constable Steven House has suggested will result in the loss on an estimated 3,200 Police civilian support staff. So much for the promise of fighting for Scottish jobs. But hey – control is power.

So this is our modern day Scotland – where our Police do our government’s bidding, where football supporters are, in the words of Archie MacPherson “stamped on”, whilst the political animals who support this administration deliver abuse and intimidation with impunity towards those who dare to offer an alternative opinion.

But give the current political administration their due – they did promise “Model government” at the start of their term of office and they have duly delivered.

The only problem is that it is a model which has striking similarities to another nationalist government which swept to power in Germany in the 1930’s.