The Right To Question

It’s good to know that SFA chief Stewart Regan is prepared to wait for the result of the Pinsent Mason investigation into alleged links between Charles Green and Craig Whyte. Perhaps after the last SPL enquiry into Rangers, which left a number of people with enough egg on their faces to make the mother of all omelettes (probably in a witches cauldron) lessons are being learned.

Of course there is a caveat to all this – Mr Regan reserves the right to ask further questions of Rangers should he not be satisfied with the Pinsent Mason report. I knew in time Mr Regan and I would find some common ground. You see I understand and empathise totally with the feeling of not being satisfied with answers.

Perhaps whilst he and Mr Doncaster are at a loose end, awaiting the aforementioned report, they could provide some answers to questions I have.

How did the SFA arrive at the decision to strip Rangers of various domestic honours when no trial or hearing had taken place and the allegations against the club were not proven ?

Who was present at that meeting and is there a recorded minute of that meeting ?

Was there a vote on the matter and if so who voted ?

The punitive measures contained in that 5 way agreement are far more draconian than the punishments meted out to the Italian clubs involved in the Italian match fixing scandal, why was it felt, the untried and unconvicted Rangers merited a more serious punishment than those involved in match fixing ?

Who proposed that the stripping of domestic honours be inserted into the agreement ? Was there a vote taken with regard to this motion ?

Given one of the fundamental precepts of the European Law on Human Rights is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, would the SFA concede that their handling of the Rangers situation constitutes a breach of those rights ?

In hindsight, irrespective of the arguments of conflicts of interests, was it wise to appoint Harper Macleod as “low level” intelligence gatherers in the SPL investigation given their long running association with Cetlic FC, a likely beneficiary should Rangers be stripped of those domestic honours ?

When one of Harper Macleod’s “low level intelligence gatherers”, who was present at a meeting involving Rangers, (I presume for the purpose of intelligence gathering) launched a verbal attack on the Rangers representatives, was this not an indication to the SPL that perhaps their “low level intelligence gatherers” were acting in manner which was neither objective or neutral not to mention unprofessional ? Why then were their services retained until the conclusion of the enquiry ?

Rangers had a transfer embargo imposed upon them which they successfully challenged at the Edinburgh Court of Session, Lord Glennie ruling in favour of Rangers. Why then does that transfer embargo still stand ?

What’s that Mr Regan ?

Who the hell do I think I am and why am I asking these questions of you, as opposed to our press corps or Rangers FC themselves ?

That sir, is perhaps the best question of them all.