Diamonds Are Forever


And so are Rangers. Allegedly.

Rangers, Now, Then & Forever.

But for the older Bears among us the thread title has a link to Bond. Not James Bond, but Ibrox Bond Holders. Who bought into our club with the promise of a seat for life.

Guys like Gary.

Only Gary received an e-mail informing him this will be the last season his seat would be guaranteed. Gary subsequently phoned the club today and pointed out that he had bought his seat for life. He was told by a staff member at our club that his seat had been bought from the oldco and the newco would not be honouring the agreement.

One wonders where to start with this. How about the thousands of Rangers fans who have to suffer daily taunts that “your club is dead”. Our support has laboured tirelessly to dispel this falsehood, quoting several objective official sources which confirm the continuity of our history and of course, our titles.

Of course there was considerable anger inside Ibrox when several players refused to TUPE over to the newco. In fact this very subject is currently the subject of litigation, drawing comments at the time from Charles Green “I’m very, very disappointed of course. “ and “I think this is just opportunism.”

Perhaps then those inside Ibrox will understand the “disappointment” of fans who see this latest dishonouring of an agreement with the support as just “opportunism”.

There was considerable mocking of the SFA/SPL when they continually moved the goalposts with regard to oldco and newco. When it suited their agenda we were oldco when it didn’t we were newco. It seems our club are as guilty of this practice as those they criticised for such very action.

I sure someone familiar with corporate or business law will point out what Rangers are doing is within the law. But that doesn’t make it right. Particular when it is to the detriment of supporters who by their loyalty have kept this club alive.

The club I supported has become a mere shadow of itself. And that is being generous.

Very generous.