Dear Rangers – would you like 30 pieces of silver ?

She replied, “That’s true, Lord, but even dogs are allowed to eat the scraps that fall beneath their masters’ table.”

(Matthew 15.27)

My fellow blogger Bill McMurdo has certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons with his assertion in today’s blog, that tentative moves have already been made behind the scenes, to set the foundations of a Rangers invitation into SPL 2.

I have in my time written hundreds of blogs, defending both our club and support, but I can tell you categorically, none have ever stirred the emotions like this one. As always, in deference to the Rangers support I admire so much, I will try to keep it objective. Be warned, I doubt very much I will succeed.

The fast track option, was as a fellow blogger I was discussing the issue with via Twitter, put, is about one thing – money. Yes it will more than likely accelerate our return to the top tier of Scottish football, and the financial benefits which accompany that. I would add not only for our club, but for others as well.

Those “others” I refer to are the same ones who refused our re-entry to the SPL, and having done so, find life without the cash cow which is Rangers, financially unbearable. But as my fellow blogger pointed via twitter this should not be about harbouring grudges – its not, its about something far more important – honesty, fairness and, much as I am loathed to use these words, Sporting Integrity. However in their correct context I can think of none better.

There is no sporting basis whatsoever for Rangers being fast tracked to SPL 2. It’s not about fairness, honest or integrity – its about money.

Ask yourself is accepting such a fast track, without any sporting basis whatsoever, in keeping with the Rangers Way ? Do you honestly think Mr Struth or Jock Wallace would have accepted such an invite ? Or would they have refused and by honest toil and endeavour worked our way back up to our rightful place ?

It’s not so long ago we were facing the uncertainty of not knowing where we would be playing our football. The clubs who are so keen to fast track us now, had rejected us leaving the SFL to ruminate over a decision. They not only accepted us with open arms, but rolled out a mat so welcoming, I don’t think any of us will ever forget it. So should we turn our backs on them who welcomed us so warmly, on an invitation from those who were so quick to condemn us ?

I have followed Rangers for over 40 years and throughout that period not all those times have been good. But I am drawn back time and time gain to this sporting institution, this way of life, not through success or glory, much as I enjoy those moments, but because I follow club which at its very soul is an attitude of fairness, honesty and integrity and which throughout it’s history has recognised that hard work, toil and endeavour are the essential ingredients to success.

Accepting a fast track to SPL2 would be selling that soul.