A warped compass

Truth is certainly a branch of morality and a very important one to society.
(Thomas Jefferson)

I have never believed there was one code of morality for a public and another for a private man.

(Thomas Jefferson)

I thought it important to separate these two Jefferson quotes as one could be forgiven for thinking they were part of the same speech. They weren’t of course, though its easy to see why someone would make such an assumption. The relationship between truth and morality is often taken as a “given”, so much so, that some refer to “Moral truths”

Yet in our modern day Scotland, the relationship between morality and truth has become strained to say the least, in fact I would go as far as to suggest there is a form of warped morality out there which seems to view truth as something to be shunned.

Scotland’s first Minister Alex Salmond’s comments about disgraced Cardinal Keith O’Brien were a perfect example.  “A good man for his church and country”.

This comment is somewhat at odds with comments elsewhere.


I wonder which part of his predatory behaviour was good for his church ? Furthermore his constant attacks on the homosexual community, not only their lifestyle I may add, but their right to equality within society, whilst behind closed doors he indulged in the very behaviour he publicly condemned, suggests a level of hypocrisy almost unsurpassed. Is this the type of “special society” Alex Salmond alludes to for Scotland – a society where the truth is ignored ?

Some will have noted I used  the term “almost surpassed” with regard to hypocrisy. I used this term because there is are elements within the Celtic support who are hell bent on mud raking at our club. The attacks on the Rangers Charity Foundation in recent weeks have been particularly insidious, poisonous and unjustified. It seems there are some “bhoys” who, despite the song, just don’t know their history. If they did they would realise there are men at Celtic Football Club who are held in particularly high esteem, both at their club and in wider Scottish society. Men failed comprehensively in their duty to protect children during the time of the Celtic Boys Club child abuse scandal. The fact they did so to “protect the good name of Celtic Football Club” is absolutely shameful.

This should not be a matter for joking, for banners, or throwaway remarks – it is utterly disgusting and totally indefensible. It would be refreshing if the press attitude with regard to the recent Savile revelations was mirrored up here – that the focus of the enquiry was not only on the perpetrators themselves, but also those who failed to protect those children for whatever reason.

Glass houses and stones seem to be lost on some, perhaps their quest to uncover truth and justice should start much closer to home. If they did that moral high horse of theirs may lose its footing.

Understanding that the moral compass of our nation is in total free-fall goes a long way to understanding the constant attacks on our club. If truth is indeed a branch of the morality tree then it appears our nation’s tree has had its truth branch well and truly pruned or cut back, perhaps even removed.

At the very heart of our legal system is a desire to obtain the truth, the truth underpins everything. Its not perfect by any means, but it’s the best determination and examination of truth which we have. Rangers have been subjected to that process on three occasions, and on each occasion we have been vindicated, but the determination, examination and establishing of truth, has resulted in little or no change in the wider perception of our club. Truth has become an also ran ,a victim, in this rapidly developing warped sense of morality.

Gandhi said…

Morality is the basis of things and truth is the substance of all morality.

He might have revised that comment had he lived to visit Scotland in 2013.