Return of the King

Posted Today, 06:50 PM

It was not agony, because even agony allows for a moments reprieve. It was worse than that. It was an endless physical and mental torture which allowed for no period of respite whatsoever for its victims. There was no escape for it consumed you to your very core. In the pit of the stomach was sense of sickness, caused by worry, anguish and uncontrollable anger. The mind fared no better however, starved of sleep, a consequence of restless nights; frenzied by a continuous stream of misinformation and speculation, it raced continuously searching, forlornly, for a foothold or an anchor of hope or encouragement. None were to be forthcoming.

It was not an “isolated case” but rather a pandemic to those of us of blue persuasion. Rangers were indeed in crisis, and a crisis very much of our own making. Had it remained a “self inflicted injury” then, ironically, perhaps our subsequent recovery would have taken far longer. But the life lesson for today is that bigotry, hatred and jealously appear to go hand in hand with opportunity. In Scotland, in particular they appear to make very strange bed fellows.

Fundamental principles, which have underpinned our society since time in immemorial, were asked to take a “pit stop” in the clamour to condemn Rangers. We are no longer a society which proudly boasts “Innocent until proven guilty” but shamefully, a society which operates on a mantra of “Guilty until proven innocent”. And boy does it “operate”. If an authority, footballing body or otherwise, usurps the laws of the land, and resort to blackmail and extortion to invoke a ruling which the laws of the land have declared “unlawful” can they really claim any right to exercise “authority” ?


Mr Regan, are you so small minded, so full of your own self importance, so lacking in impartiality, so far removed from a sense of justice that you resort to such such appalling behaviour just to get one over on Rangers ? My goodness what will UEFA think ?

Well hopefully we will know soon – because I have asked them.

But your schemes, your hatred, your Machiavellian exploits have not had the desired effect. The sick have risen from their beds, and they are now aware of the hatred towards our club, whether that be footballing authorities or the press, or those who covet what they can never have – all you have done is exposed the depths of your jealousy hatred and bigotry. You have enlightened the unenlightened, which only serves to make us so much stronger.

Look to the horizons. And look closely, and with fear and trepidation.

The clouds you see are not just an impending thunderstorm, but an army on the march. A King is coming to reclaim his throne, backed by an army whose loyalty and faithfulness are without equal. Anywhere.

The King is dead ?

Long live the King.

Rangers are coming.

And we will not forget those who, prematurely and erroneously, chose to dance on our grave.