An insult to the Rangers support ?

It must be great being a journalist rather than a blogger, the former seem to have a considerable degree of latitude when it comes to “the truth”, bloggers on the other hand live or die on the accuracy of their most recent efforts.

Hugh Keevins latest piece in the Daily Record is a master-class in the art of the curve ball.

“YOU come back from a very pleasant trip to Germany and Holland in the more than affable company of Ally McCoist and what do you get?

There’s a fight for the moral high ground involving two sets of supporters who are as bad as each other.
Some of the singing during Rangers’ trip away was deeply regrettable. The same could apparently be said for the behaviour of the Celtic fans in Brentford on Saturday.

“Apparently” ?

It should come of course as no surprise to a support who Hugh decided to compare to Nazis with his now infamous “Nuremberg Rally comment” A comment which duly earned him a 6 month suspension from Radio Clyde, but not from the Ibrox. In fact it seems Hugh would have to embark on genocide to earn a ban from Ibrox.


Some would argue, that comparing a group of football supporters, to one of the most vilest regimes ever to have inhabited this earth, is a feat of such dehumanisation that it ranks right up there with genocide.

For when it comes to Rangers, Hugh seems to think that this dehumanised group are not entitled to the right of a trial and hearing.


I doubt I’m the only one angered by Keevin’s Judge Dread impersonation. In fact, I know I’m not as it features and is highlighted in the excellent “Follow We Will” publication.

Furthermore, some of Keevin’s recent rants appear to have caused angst within Ibrox. Keevins appears to be fascinated with our signing of Jon Daly given the attention devoted to it it by Mr Keevins.

“There was a difference of opinion arising from the interpretation of something I’d written about Rangers last week and the chairman took me aside for a quiet word.

Nothing so vulgar as a row, simply the subtly-put expression of the club’s standpoint accompanied by that cold-eyed stare that reporters used to get when Walter was running the team and had been caused upset.

An ear bashing but without any visible scarring that would show up in court, if you know what I mean.

And no concessions for the over 60s, not when the one advancing the club’s point of view was a year older than me.
No harm done. Happens every day in this line of work. Nothing to see here

Actually I beg to differ Mr Keevins – I think there is plenty to see. I see a man whose treatment of our club and it’s support has been deplorable. You have misrepresented the facts, you have attempted to set the agenda of our guilt and you have described our support in manner which is quite frankly unforgivable.

Allow me to adorn that Judge Dread outfit for a moment and simply say that your continued presence and access to Ibrox is a considerable insult to all who support Rangers.