Bigotry in corduroy ?

Scotland it would appear has a new form of immunity allowing persons to express an opinion with apparent impunity. All that is required is to precede whatever you have to say with the phrase “Some would say”. The phrases’ creator – BBC Scotland’s Jim Spence – has overlooked one small detail however – his previous comments on the subject.


A quick search through the BBC archives reveal that Jim Spence has previously alluded to Rangers having died or being no more. Therefore not only is he erroneous in with his use of this “get out clause” – he is also disingenuous. Perhaps the BBC Scotland investigation into this furore will consider this fact in it’s conclusions. If it fails to, then their investigation will be deemed little more that a whitewash.


In some ways it should come as no surprise to us that there is a movement to pronounce life extinct over Ibrox way. I say that, having recently re-visited American Psychologist Gordon Allport’s Scale of Prejudice, where the conduct of these proponents that Rangers are dead display all the characteristics required of the prejudiced bigot. Allport’s scale determines the following 5 stages :-

  1. Anti-locution – this would include jokes, negative stereotypes as well as hate speech
  2. Avoidance – the target is treated in such a way as to be effectively isolated
  3. Discrimination – Denial of opportunity, restriction of rights etc.
  4. Physical Attack – self explanatory.
  5. Extermination – the majority group seek extermination or removal of the minority group.

Whilst often applied in situations which involves genocide, Allport’s Scale is also used in modern day Britain as an industry standard in determining prejudice within the workplace. In such a setting the extermination stage manifests itself with the victim either leaving or being forced to leave the work place.


For a Rangers support often referred to as “Huns”, likened to a “bunch of bigoted troglodytes, almost to a man”, and whose club were denied the fundamental principal of innocence until proven guilty, along with numerous other instances of unfair and unjust treatment, it should come as no surprise to us as we tick through the various stages that we would eventually end up at extermination.


Of course that hatred and prejudice manifests itself daily on social media networks where Rangers supporters are no longer “Huns” or “Orange Bastards” instead they are “Zombies” or “Sevconians”.


However this appears to be little more than a “wish-list” mentality, which requires “believers” to ignore considerable evidence, rulings and judgements to the contrary.


I wont recount Lord Nimmo Smith’s commentary regarding Rangers continuing as a footballing entity – it has been cited in many a previous discourse on this subject – suffice to say one of the most respected legal brains has passed his judgement on the matter. So too of course have the SFA, The European Clubs Association, UEFA and, perhaps as an indication of how desperate some are to confirm the death of Rangers, even the Advertising Standards Authority.


Those proponents of “Zombies” and “Sevconians” appear more than happy to ignore the evidence in order that their wishes can be realised, in fact they give new meaning to the term “Ignorance is bliss”. Who said blind hatred was a bad thing ?


But what of the Jim Spence’s and Graham Spiers of this world, who, whilst not using the terms “zombies” or “sevconians”, continually repeat the mantra, that Rangers have died ? What separates them from the knuckle dragging element motivated by hatred bigotry and prejudice, who scream about “zombies” and “sevconians” ?

The answer is – very little.

For in arriving at such a conclusion they too have exercised the necessary exclusion of facts and chosen to ignore the authority and expertise of those previously cited. What is particularly interesting with both Spiers and Spence is that in making such assertions they refuse continually to mention or comment on Lord Nimmo Smith’s ruling, the SFA Transfer of licence or the European Club’s Association determination on Rangers.


The real question for me is why they are doing this. Why are allegedly objective and impartial journalists choosing to ignore the considerable body of evidence available and arrive at conclusions which are at odds with that evidence ? Or do our journalists now have a right to deliberately mislead and misinform the public ?


It is perhaps ironic that last week, Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News, who has a colourful history with the Rangers support released the following tweet :-


“it’s a pointless debate – you cannot “kill” an FC like Rangers. Isn’t this obvious? And an FC is more than a PLC end of.”


So over to you Messrs Spiers and Spence, the floor as they say is yours – explain to this Rangers support why you have arrived at the conclusion that Rangers are dead. It shouldn’t be that hard for you – you have after all repeated it often enough. Tell us why Lord Nimmo Smith is wrong in his legal conclusions, why the SFA were misguided to transfer the licence and why the ECA have determined the situation incorrectly.


Because at the moment their appears to be little to separate you from those whose motivations are based on prejudice, blind hatred and bigotry.