Oh what a lovley war


For those of us in the neutral enclosure, sitting atop a fence rather than allying with any particular faction, the weekend scoreline came as something of a shock result.  A very much under strength Rangers Board managed to pull off a shock victory against their bitter rivals – #sacktheboard#

The result was made all the more remarkable considering the Rangers board have “Toxic Jack” in the squad, a man whose propensity this season to cite Paul McConville and Andy Muirhead to support his arguments make him firm favourite for  the “Own Goal Of The Season” award.

But in what to date, has been a very ugly and bruising contest, the Rangers Board emerged as Saturdays victors with lone striker Sandy Easdale netting the winner with the following display of intricate mouthwork :

“I have no desire to criticise any individual or group and believe the constant tit for tat that we have seen recently is damaging the club”

Hallelujah !!!

To borrow a well known beer commercial’s slogan…..”If only all statements were made this way”

Many of us in the undecided camp are growing weary of the predictable tactics which make the long ball up the middle look like an intricate maze of passes taken from the drawing board.

Unsubstantiated allegations based on little more than rumour and scaremongering – if you have evidence or the truth is it really too much to ask you share it with the rest of the Rangers support so that we can make informed choices ?

The citing of bloggers who yesterday you ridiculed as having a lack of credibility but today you are championing because their  argument suits yours – only demeans your own credibility

The citing of well known anti-Rangers contributors to support your particular argument – need I say more ?  Careful where you sow those magical beans Jack.

The new forum user whose entire posting history is to provide links to journalists who support his/her argument.
But perhaps worst of all is the level of personal vitriol being exchanged between Bears as freely as Barcelona exchange passes.  As if it’s not bad enough one bloggers wife being brought into the fray, some even felt the Daily Record publishing a photo of our director’s house was justified.

Furthermore it’s difficult to afford people victim status when they themselves are engaging in the type of conduct they are complaining about – in this regard the word “hypocritical” jumps out at me way before “snake oiled salesman” or “Thief”.

But seeing as Tom English enlightened us all at the weekend with some parody perhaps it’s fitting we end on that note.

Speaking to Easdale post match it was clear he had a point to prove. “I was delighted to get that winner.  All week Chuck [Charles Green] has been winding me up, waving his honorary RST membership in front of me and declaring…”

“Hey Sandy lad, have you got one of these babies yet?”