Brown or black ?

I thought I had better issue a warning to all those Rangers haters out there (as a preparation for bad news) – after all the new industry standard is to “manage disappointment” Word reaches me that Rangers are to be nominated for the latest series of Humanitarian Awards. And is it any small wonder I ask ?

After all what other organisation can claim to have produced in the apathetic and previously disinterested such a sense of social responsibility with a “refreshing” and new found concern for our armed forces, our hospitals, our school children’s textbooks ? Such a ground swell of social responsibility and care has even extended beyond our shores with concern now being expressed for those in South Africa. It truly is a global phenomenon – the birth of an international social responsibility with a common denominator – Big Bad Rangers.

Perhaps ironic that those whose choice of Rangers bashing weapon was “Rangers prevented our front line forces being equipped” were amongst those who wished to make spurious and false allegations against our armed forces at Ibrox last month. You really couldn’t make it up.

And on the subject of making things up it is perhaps an appropriate time to mention Dumb and Dumber aka Spiers and English. For Rangers services to social responsibility have extended to these fine two gentlemen of the press and awakened in them a sense of morality regarding the prospect of Dave King returning to Rangers. But this new found moral argument still appears to be only half awake.

As Operation Yewtree continues to bring fresh revelation and accusation with regard to child abuse, in particular those who were complicit in its covering up and the suppression of victims complaints, not one of these moral guardians of the press appear to be concerned that there are individuals connected with Celtic FC, and who are still subject to very public adoration and respect, who were actively complicit in the covering up of child abuse at Celtic Boys Club. It’s easy to see where Noel Coward was coming from when he uttered “”The higher the building the lower the morals”

I don’t normally humour Graham “Rangers are a new club” Spiers but I will make an exception on this one occasion.

Id rather we had died with our history rather than have to live with theirs.

On the civil war front, I was reminded this week, courtesy of “Old Reliable” (BBC Scotland) how out of touch some of our current and prospective directors are with our support. I am yet to hear from any of the incumbent or prospective factions what their plans are to defend this club and its support from its enemies. “Increased revenue streams” etc etc etc tend to be ineffective weapons against those whose sole aim, by any means, is the destruction of our club. I am yet to meet a Rangers fan anywhere who is not concerned about the attacks on our club and support. It is one of the few things upon which our support can find some universal agreement.

On the good news front our ever decreasing board and communications department means that there will probably be a blazer for everyone the only question is – brown or black brogues?