Posted Today, 04:00 PM

Its probably the perfect title for a saga where truth and fable are as difficult to separate as any Arthurian Legend.  In one of Camelot’s famous towers we have blogger Bill McMurdo, apparently revelling in his recently acquired nickname of Merlin. In another we have the requistioners of Jim McColl, Malcolm Murray and a remnant of the Blue Knights in the shape of Paul Murray.

The latest attempt to pull the sword from the stone came from the wand of Bill, who conjured up an interesting spell in his blog. It read :

“Rangers fans may be puzzled at all the innuendo around Blue Pitch Holdings which is coming from the Requisitioners, given that a prominent player in Minico has been phoning Chris Morgan of BPH constantly seeking their support in the upcoming AGM.

Morgan reckons he has had at least 50 calls from this Requisitioner I am informed, as has Richard Hughes of Zeus.
Of course, Zeus and BPH are two of the favourite whipping boys of the anti-board faction online. How curious, then, that the Requisitioners would be seeking to curry their favour or canvas their support.”

For those of us sitting at the round table, trying, often forlornly, to make sense of it all, it is a significant development, and without putting too fine a point on it – a serious allegation. The truth and veracity of this allegation may well be a determining factor in determining who is to be believed and who can be trusted.

The identity of those behind Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita has been an issue of major concern for Rangers supporters, with some discussions even raising a fear that the dark spectre of Craig Whyte may be behind them, and the consequences of that for our club.

The anonymity of these investors is an issue the requisitioners have focussed on recently :

Jim McColl :-


He says it’s now clear from Dave King’s statement today that there are outside influences who are “pulling the strings” at Ibrox.

He said: “Over the last couple of weeks we have attempted to clarify the identity of who is really behind Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita Holdings

Malcolm Murray :-

All we know is their nominee name, which is Blue Pitch/Margarita, and accounts for about 12 per cent of the holding. We have demanded to know who they are but we have not been told.

“But the big stick we have is that if they won’t tell us, the institutions can demand to know who they are. And if they won’t tell us, those shares won’t get a vote. If there’s nothing to hide, why on earth won’t we be told?”

The question on the minds of a lot of Rangers fans is would that big stick have been brandished Malcolm if Blue Pitch and Margarita supported the requisitioners ? In fact would the identity of these investors even have been an issue ?

Perhaps if the requestioners undertake another question and answer session it is a question which should be asked of them “ Did you or have you attempted to recruit the support of the anonymous investors Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita ?”

Someone somewhere is misleading and misdirecting the Rangers support. It is either Bill McMurdo or the requisitoners.

All I would ask is whoever is guilty would you please do the honourable thing and fall on Excalibur – this support have been fed enough bullshit in the last few years to last a lifetime.