Yesterday my brother, today my enemy

Its perhaps strange that a musical track from a Brooklyn based band (who are probably unknown to quite a few of you)  provides the title to this article, but, with a little re-arranging it provides the perfect insight to what we, the Rangers support, will face in the coming months ahead –Yesterday my enemy, today my brother.

For make no mistake, the upheaval at boardroom level within our club will eventually come to an end and someone or some group will emerge victorious.  I am under no illusion that the cessation of hostilities will bring us together as one harmonious group of supporters, however much I desire it, but the stark reality is that when the boardroom battleship guns all fall silent we will be, without exclusion, the same group of supporters whose club was treated, shamefully, unjustly and unfairly by our footballing authorities, our government agencies and our media.

The enemies of our club have not gone away, nor have they stopped plotting or scheming to inflict maximum damage on our club at every opportunity.

Last night I witnessed 2 Bears for whom I have the utmost respect, having a difference of opinion on Twitter regarding the current situation at our club. It was done without personal insults, unedifying comments or character assassination – it was confined to the main debating points and the pros and cons of either side. Perhaps there is something to be said for restricting debate to 140 characters per salvo.

Unfortunately not all discussions and debates have gone this way but we as a support cannot afford the luxury or petulance of an acrimonious aftermath – we will have a club and support to defend.

The boardroom battle and its ripple effect on our support has not been pretty, in fact it has been downright ugly and tedious. But it has also been encouraging in that it has exposed the raw passion we all feel for our club, the determination to see things through and also an up swell in militancy within our support.  For a support whose actions and loyalty saved this club from extinction, yet are still totally disempowered and disenfranchised from the decision making processes regarding her future, militant action should never be discounted.

Some of you reading this will no doubt say that boycotts and protests are not “The Rangers Way”. All I would ask you is what other options do a disempowered support have – dignified silence?

But acknowledging we face a common enemy is not enough – we have to start working together. If we can’t agree unity then lets at least endeavour to have a unity of purpose. Our strength comes from the power we can generate operating as a united body – it’s why they fear us so much.

Networking, communication and co-operation need to be given a far higher priority.

In just over 2 weeks time the deadline passes for the online e-petition re HMRC and confidential leaks.  The figure stands at 41,230 – not even half the required signatures.

Need I say more?