Militancy acquires focus

I have to say Im surprised by the reaction in some quarters as a consequence of the Sons Of Struth’s change of focus. Their streamlining of the object of their protest to Brian Stockbridge and Jack Irvine seemed to me, to reflect the feelings of most fans, as neither Stockbridge or Irvine were ever likely to be on many bears Christmas Card list.

I checked with the Sons of Struth this morning via twitter and they confirmed the target of their boycott is Brian Stockbridge and Jack irvine. Furthermore it is a boycott of club merchandise not matches.

Many of us who may not have been convinced that entire boards needed replacing should be much more comfortable with the targets now in the crosshairs.

I dont think Brian Stockbridge can escape criticism – why the hell does a financial director feel he is justified a 300K bonus for sporting achievements on the park ? Our financial performance in the last few months has been utterly diabolical – thats what an FD should be judged on – not sporting achievement on the park.

The removal of Jack Irvine from our club should be a source of complete unity amongst our support.

The word “boycott” of course does not sit easily with many in our support. But as I wrote recently in WATP magazine the new age of militancy amongst our support has been born and there is no turning back the clock. A support who are both disempowered and disenfranchised from the decision making processes have no other option to influence the moneymen than to withhold our custom in order for them to sit up and take notice.

I accept militancy is not pretty, in fact it is pretty downright ugly, but its certainly far more ascetically pleasing than apathy. The sooner we have effective fans representation on the board the better.