Chasing The Dragon – Update

Following several unsatisfactory responses to both myself and Mr Joe Fitzpatrick MSP over a period of several months, today I duly instructed Campbell Boath Solicitors, to serve upon Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, a series of Freedom of Information Requests pertaining to the following :-


(1) The seizure of,  care and storage of productions and

(2) Action on the theft or loss of productions in the care of HMRC

(3) Duty to report the theft or loss of productions

(4) Protocols for contacting Police should the circumstances at (2) above be fulfilled


(5) General action on suspected or possible breaches of confidentiality by HMRC staff

(6) Duty to investigate suspected breaches of confidentiality

(7) Duty and protocol for reporting such criminal conduct arising from such breaches of confidentiality  to the Police.

Should the request be subject of a denial then such denial will itself be subject of further legal proceedings.

Furthermore recent correspondence received by Mr Fitzpatrick aforesaid from Mr Stephen House, QPM, Chief Constable, Police Scotland, confirms the criminal investigation into the Leaking of Confidential Information to BBC Scotland is still ongoing.