Search Trained Personnel Required – Apply within

Our intrepid PZJ is in need of assistance – anyone with a modicum of search experience would be most warmly welcomed. That GCC geotechnical report for Westhorn and other sites, alluded to in my previous blogs on behalf of PZJ – has proven it’s adept ability for elusiveness.

On the 16th October, 2013, PZJ wrote to GCC as follows :

“I have asked, and you have constantly failed to provide solid proof, that the geotechnical report be fully disclosed to the general public for perusal.”

GCC responded as follows :

“As advised in our earlier letter to you of 11 September 2013, in accordance the decision of the Court of Session set out in Glasgow City Council and Dundee City Council v Scottish Information [2009] CSIH 73, you have the right to the information set out in a requested document, but not to the actual document itself. We therefore provided you with an extract from the geotechnical report and set out the basis upon which a valuation was agreed for the site. I agree with the decision that was made in our earlier response to release an extract of the report to you “

Only that extract was never received in the subsequent correspondence. PZJ’s attempts to obtain same thereafter were met with a stony wall of silence.

Perhaps we should all come to PZJ’s assistance and ask for an extract into the geotechnical report regarding Westhorn – one which reveals the level and nature of the bio-checmical (or otherwise) contamination at Westhorn as calculated by the Council’s surveyors.

This can be done be sending an e-mail to

But I’m afraid there is more work for those of you with a penchant for searching and finding things, as PZJ appears to have found another anomaly in his investigation.

The London Road School was acquired by GCC as part of a Compulsory Purchase Order (dates and costs have been requested under FOI). Having decided in due course that they no longer required this land, GCC were bound by what is known as Crichel Down Rules….down_rules.aspx

to offer first refusal on the subsequent sale of the property to those from whom the land was acquired – in this case Celtic FC.

A GCC Executive Committee document dated 19th January, 2007 confirms same.

Posted Image

This is further confirmed by a later GCC Executive Committee meeting.


Note section 4 of this report where it refers to the London Road School.

GCC Executive Committee of 19th January 2007 approved an option for
Celtic PLC to acquire the former London Road Primary School at a cost of
£300,000 with the price being uplifted from the date of the option contract
( 01 April 2009) until the date of settlement.

Celtic PLC has confirmed to the Council it wishes to exercise this option.
Celtic PLC has agreed to pay £300,000 plus RPI from the 01 April 2009
until the date of settlement. The RPI has been calculated by City Property
at £57,000 (to 31st October 2013) resulting in a total sale price of
£357,000. The RPI figure will require to be further uplifted following formal
agreement on the date of settlement.

The RPI is based from ist April 2009 until 31st October 2013. There is no mention or explanation regarding the apparent ignoring of the previous commitment to the 3 year option of 19th January 2007.

But the confusion does not end there.

On the 8th October, 2013, PZJ wrote to GCC seeking clarification on the London Road School.

He received the following response on the 12th November, 2013..

“You have been advised in previous correspondence from the Council that the former London Road School site has not been sold to Celtic Football Club. As you are now aware, an option to purchase has been granted to the football club and expires in April 2014”

Therefore anyone who can find minutes of a GCC meeting approving an extension on the previous 3 year option to buy from 19th January, 2007, and the grounds for such an extension being granted – your help would be greatly appreciated.