The Tackety Boots of the BBC

The following article has been written exclusively for Vanguard Bears – as a mark of respect and recognition of their collective efforts in investigating, actively protesting against and highlighting the lack of journalistic integrity at BBC Scotland with regard to our club.


The Silent Sirens

“There’s a well upon the hill from our ancient past
Where an age is standing still holding strong and fast
And there’s those that try to tame it and to carve it into stone
Ah but words cannot extinguish it however hard they’re thrown”

I have to confess to giving in to one of my vices on Saturday. Despite now declaring myself a non-smoker, if truth be told I occasionally indulge in the odd puff, perhaps about 8 times a year in total.I have to say Saturday’s indulgence in the Wee Rangers Club had unexpected benefits. Those who are familiar with the “Smoking Area” at this establishment will know that the gantry affords a view of the Campsie Fells, with the peak of Dumgoyne just visible.

These hills stand like towering guardians watching over our city. They are to Glasgow what the Pentlands are to Edinburgh, the Sidlaws to Dundee and the Ochils to Stirling. They have an enduring quality to them, earned by maintaining such a presence despite the ravages of nature throwing everything it has at them over countless years.

And that thought comforted me in lieu of the latest attack on our club by Phil MacGiollaBhain,  referring to us as “Stalag Sevco”. This one can be added to his previous soundbites of “Herrenvolk” “Klan” and “Underclass”. It’s not particularly difficult to see the theme which is developing here. Sadly. Mr  MacGiollaBhain has been assisted in his endeavours by some in the mainstream media who have been only too willing to repeat such soundbites.

For a self-confessed Celtic fan Mr MacGiollaBhain appears to spend a lot of his time writing and tweeting about Rangers. In fact his book – Downfall – not surprisingly is about Rangers. And whilst many cite the Sun comments about Mr MacGiollaBhain as being “tarred with a sickening sectarian brush” perhaps the Scotsman’s review of his book is more telling :-

“The sirens started to sound at the first of several references to Rangers supporters as “the Ibrox klan”. The author makes no attempt to disguise his hatred for Rangers, stating at one stage “please let this football club die”. And yet he yearns to be taken seriously as a journalist, repeatedly complaining that no-one from the mainstream media ever calls him. As the tale unravels, Mac Giolla Bhain starts to disappear up his own rear, declaring: “I am aware of my own contribution and I rather like the guy I see in the shaving mirror every morning.” These are two classic mistakes: believing you are the story, and wanting a story to be true. When it’s not.”

Which makes you wonder – if a man who “makes no attempt to disguise his hatred for Rangers” – can carve a career for himself courtesy of that hatred – shouldn’t a few more sirens be sounding in this country of ours ?