Border Patrols – Get used to it

The Scottish Mail on Sunday opens today with the “shocking” claim by Ed Miliband that he will be putting guards on the Scottish/English border – in short a border checkpoint. It makes you wonder if some of the “Yes” voters have actually considered in full, the entailment of what their “Yes” vote means. That’s the problem when reality catches up with romantic notion, or more appropriately, what both sides have referred to throughout this campaign as the “emotional vote”.

This is no “Brigadoon” either. Never mind in 4 years or in the case of the former 100 years, this is a one off vote which will determine our country’s destiny forever. There is no going back.

For those of us not casting an “emotional vote” there is a strange logic at work here. We no longer wish to be part of a union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with whom we have shared language, shared culture and shared history amongst other things, but are quite happy to enter into a union with Germany, France, Italy, Hungary etc via the European Union. But there is considerable doubt the latter will be the case, despite the claims of the “Yes” campaign.

But like so much within the “Yes” campaign such an assertion is based on hope rather than reality.

Actually I was probably being overgenerous using the term “hope” rather than “misleading” or “lying”.

So perhaps for a generation of Scots both young and old, we better acclimatise to the notion of border patrols. Not just with England mind you, but right across Europe as the impact of a “Yes” vote takes effect. There is a considerable irony that the desire for “Freedom” will actually bring less freedoms to a whole generation of Scots. The legislation guaranteeing us freedom of movement, freedom of work etc will no longer be applicable for a Scotland outside the European Union, and as the saying goes “You can take that to the bank”

Which bank that will be in an independent Scotland is of course, anyone’s guess.