Be Afraid…

Whilst actions may well speak louder than words, there is still considerable merit in evaluating statements of intent. At the very heart of the independence campaign politicians from either side have asked us to buy into and believe their vision for our country. But what is that vision ?

The Yes campaign would have us believe that an independent Scotland would present us with the opportunity for a fairer and more just society, an altruistic ideal any voter would be attracted to. The “fairer and more just society” bandwagon has trundled along throughout this campaign fairly securely until yesterday, when the wheels well and truly fell off the wagon.

The damage of course was self inflicted, courtesy of former SNP deputy leader and Yes campaigner Jim Sillars in a series of tweets, which had at their very heart a poisonous thirst for vengeance, an intention to punish, to openly discriminate against, to act with complete and utter prejudice towards, businesses who had the audacity or temerity to disagree with Yes Scotland

Here are a few examples of the “fairer and more just society” Jim Sillars would have us buy into with our vote.

BP,Bankers,Standard Life etc we shall always remember them, and they us at 10.01pm on 18th #indyref

Don’t get angry with Sky/BBC coverage, get even; use our power and win. #indyref

BP more oil licences after independence? Answer never heard of you #indyref

On road #margomobile. Picking up boycott of orgs forming. First tgts J Lewis, Waitrose BP petrol stns #indyref

Mr Sillars suggests there will be a “Day of Reckoning” for all Pro-union businesses. I wonder what awaits the voters and campaigners who had the temerity to vote or campaign for a no vote – will we also face a “Day of Reckoning” ? Perhaps the salt mines and hard labour awaits us, whilst we undergo “re-education” ?

So what is fairer and more just about a government which openly declares it’s intention to punish and discriminate against businesses which are not on their side, or have the audacity to question or voice concerns over future economic proposals and the security of jobs for their employees ? Ask yourself, is this the kind of behaviour and environment which is likely to attract new business to Scotland ?

Yesterday the mask slipped revealing a particularly ugly, poisonous, vengeful side to those at the very top of Yes Scotland. Their contention and vision of a “more just and fairer Scotland” was destroyed forever by their inability to control their own hatred.

Ironically Mr Sillars Twitter “handle” is NaeFear. I would respectfully suggest otherwise.

Be afraid, be very very afraid; and let that fear of the unacceptable, the unedifying, the unjust, the unpalatable, ensure that on the 18th you vote “No” to the politics of hatred and recrimination.