“All I want for Christmas…”

Grandchild No.3 arrived a few weeks ago, he has proven to be a welcome distraction from the normal shambles at our club. The fact I use the word “normal” is an indictment in itself. With 3 grandchildren to “baptise” into the Ibrox experience at some point in the future, you do wonder just what you are getting your offspring into.

It’s no exaggeration to say our club is an omnishambles from top to bottom, both on and off the park. The term “off the park” includes the fractured and debilitating malaise affecting our support. At least during the dark times during my 45 years following, there was a mentality amongst our support that we were all in it together, good and bad, through thick and thin. As a starting point we really need recapture that spirit of togetherness – that means working together for the good of the club. The problem is of course there are many interpretations of what is good for the club.
Perhaps navigation would be a whole lot easier if we were to find some points of agreement of what is not good for the club – but let’s attempt to do this without recourse to emotive descriptive language or unhelpful adjectives.

Firstly the current board.

It was nice to see David Somers taking the time to endorse the Bentley showroom salesman on Linked In. In between of course writing letters terminating the jobs of Ibrox staff just before Christmas. Crass, insensitive and vulgar. I didn’t think anyone could ever outdo Charles Green in the vulgar stakes but Somers appears intent of giving him a run for his money. (Or to be more accurate – our money) Still it could be worse, given Somers’ recent difficulty with figures we should be thankful he’s not doing the financial projections for the club. Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt.

Of course no week at the club would be complete without the regular playground ping pong between the Man who won’t be King and Sandy Easdale. If the latest exposure of e-mails are to be believed they really do provide some insight into the latter’s judgement. It would appear, despite denials, that the latter is desperate to remain on the Rangers board even if King were somehow to sweep into power. Maybe it’s just me but I would be embarrassed and ashamed to be part of a Rangers board which have systematically failed the club and support at every single conceivable level.

Who appear to be impotent and clueless in addressing falling attendances, failing performances on the park as well as presiding over a financial meltdown causing them to go begging cap in hand to any would be suitor. I use the word “suitor” as our club appear to be the dowry. The financial deals this lot are “thrashing” out for our club makes Wonga look like the Sisters of Mercy. I think we should all bookmark the phrase “onerous contracts” for the future.

And here’s the rub – you don’t have to be a Dave King aficionado to arrive at the conclusion that the current shower in the Ibrox boardroom are just not fit for purpose.

Of course it’s easy to lay the blame for falling attendances at the doorstep of the militant fan groups. I doubt very much though that would be an accurate prognosis. In fact I’d be willing to bet that the the numbers of fans who signed up for Dave King’s trust fund in no way reflects the numbers of stay away fans – the numbers of missing ST holders last weekend is ample evidence of this. It’s the product on the park which is doing the damage.

Quite simply Ally is not up to the job. With the most expensive squad, the best training facilities by a country mile, our main competitors are still disappearing over the horizon. Please let’s not offer paltry excuses – most of the manager’s in the country would give their right arm for the problems Ally has to contend with – juggling Daly/Boyd/Clark/Shiels/Miller.

I find it hard to share some of my fellow bloggers complimentary tone towards Ally. Blaming Charles Green, the wind and finally – in the absence of an a.m Chares Green statement – publicly lambasting individual players for his team’s lacklustre performances is not what I expect from a Rangers manager.

Those who felt we needed a “Rangers man” on the inside perhaps would like to note that Ally has publicly backed every regime – hardly the sentinel we hoped for. He also availed himself of the penny shares which, if you were not Ally McCoist, earned you the title “spiv”.

So whilst it’s disappointing that a club legend on the park, is unable to cut it in management, Ally is not the first and will be by no means the last to fall into this category. In fact those of who are old enough will remember he’s not even the first at this club, as the John Greig management era attests.

The ongoing failings in the dugout only serve to highlight the ongoing failings in the boardroom, and together these serve to cause fans to vote with their feet.

Now where’s that Christmas wish list, Santa this is a big, big ask…