“Self Absorbed” Stan Need Not Apply

I suspect the sectarian charities in Scotland are less than enamoured by Stan Collymore’s intrusion into the sectarian debate in Scotland. In fact anyone who possesses of grain of genuine desire to tackle this problem will realise it’s a subject which requires both a delicate and balanced approach if we are to get onside both sides of the Old Firm divide, some of whom have genuine concerns about their right to expression of culture and race.

What we do not need is the debate being driven by someone whose own hypocrisy and conduct undermines that debate. Not only did Collymore commit a domestic assault on Ulrika Johnson, but the latter claims he also threatened to kill her. This of course is not the first time Collymore has been the subject of such allegations:


Of course Ms Johnsson’s problems with Collymore didn’t end there as she had to seek a court order preventing Collymore offering for public sale, a video of their previous intimate encounters:


Perhaps this latter course of action should have prepared us somewhat for his next unedifying course of conduct:

“He is very apologetic, he is very remorseful, but he has to move on.

“I hope the public at large will realise that Stan has made mistakes but that fundamentally he is not a bad egg and he is not an evil individual.”

That statement would perhaps have carried greater authority had it not been issued following Collymore having been caught by Sun reporters, quite literally, with his pants down.

And I’m sure the various victims of his trail of carnage including violence and threatening behaviour would argue that Stan is considerably worse than a “bad egg” and “not an evil individual”. Anyone spiteful enough to offer for sale an intimate sex video for the purpose of humiliating a female they have battered senseless should be utterly ashamed to try and even mount the high horse called “moral”.

But not Collymore. Perhaps this Telegraph article sums it up perfectly.


Collymore calls “foul” when his own behaviour lets him down. He is not averse to laying the blame elsewhere to cover up his own shortcomings – particularly where there is no intimate sex video to release in order to extract vengeance.



Therefore it should come as no surprise that Collymore’s latest allegation against Rangers supporters made courtesy of twitter are both erroneous and false.


I would take issue with the Rangers supporters singing this song however. I would suggest referring to Mr Collymore as a “wife beating bastard” is wholly inaccurate.

He is a lot worse than that, and someone Scotland does not need to be driving the debate on sectarianism.

Rage against the machine

“We can’t speak for Mike Ashley. SD has a football priority going forward and affiliation with 5 different clubs: Oldham, Sheffield Wednesday, Portsmouth, Newcastle and Rangers (was this correct?). Their model is taking over as many retail operations in football clubs and putting them ‘into the SD machine’ for ongoing retail revenues. I believe they can help Rangers sell more shirts overseas than we could ever have done on our own.”

(Derek Llambias : Rangers Fan Board Meeting Q & A Wednesday 11.02.2015)

The latest Rangers Fans Board Minutes have caused a particular furore, most notably Mr. Llambias’ opening comments where he savaged the Fans Board for their previous conduct and emphatically laid down the “Llambias Law” for the future. Which is quite peculiar considering he was entirely responsible for the previous failings – having provided the fans board with the wrong date for the EGM, and given them permission to go public with that date, Mr Llambias was “too busy” to make the effort to contact them in order to alert them to his previous mistake. It was the ultimate act of contempt towards a group of bears, giving of their own time, freely, to improve things for both club and support.

Mr Llambias won’t need repeat his previous warnings to Newcastle fans – we not only understand but can see for ourselves “Just how fecking horrible” he can be.

It’s a pity much of the focus and debate from aforesaid minutes centred on the publishing of a “not for minutes” comment by Barry Leach. The real gem is the response from Mr Llambias at the top of this article. It explains much of the motivation and expectation behind Sports Direct growing influence within our club. Rangers FC, “the most successful club in the world”, are now just another addition to the growing portfolio of football clubs acquired by Sports Direct for the purpose of printing money via shirt sales. We are now one of the cogs, along with several other clubs, in the conveyor belt which prints money for the “SD machine”.

With no disrespect intended to our fellow “cogs” perhaps we should cherish that title “the most successful club in the world” while we can, I have a suspicion it may not be that enduring under the Sports Direct regime, as none of our fellow “cogs” have a list of trophy honours comparable to ours. If the EGM does not rid our club of the Sports Direct influence, then we had better prepare ourselves for a considerable downsizing in ambition.


Contrary to those who would have you believe otherwise, Mike Ashley hasn’t caught “Rangersitis” nor has our beloved club managed to reveal a previously hidden altruistic side to his nature, his taking on the SFA over the ownership wrangle is not motivated by an inner desire to restore Rangers to former glory, it is quite simply to make money. And making money is something Mike Ashley is particularly good at. There is absolutely nothing wrong in cherishing a hope or a desire that despite his previous very public and less than wholesome business conduct, somehow and for some reason Ashley will treat Rangers differently. Perhaps the employees at USC thought the same.


Duff and Phelps again – these guys sure get around.

Of course the argument persists “that for Ashley to make money Rangers have to be successful”. Would any of you class Oldham, Sheffield Wednesday etc. as “successful”?

Furthermore given the nuts and bolts of the Rangers Retail deal, and its considerable bias towards Sports Direct, the requirements of that margin of success is not such a necessity as some would have you believe. Yes they need to sell shirts to make money – but they do that already with clubs whose ambition, expectations and success benchmarks are a lot less than what we have at Rangers.

The evidence is there staring you right in the face in the form of actions, statements and previous history.

I’m convinced the “SD machine” and its visions and expectations for our cub are entirely different from that which we as Rangers supporters harbour.

On the 4th March do the decent thing for our club and “rage against the machine”.