The East End – Cultivating a Flat Earth Society

Todays blog comes courtesy of Nathan Roberts from Vanguard Bears and Im delighted to once again host Nathan’s work on the Blue Blog.


Irrationality, on one basic account, is the rejection of acting upon one’s evidence. For example, if everything I have read, heard, or otherwise attained from reliable, authoritative sources tells me that the earth is spherical, and yet I continue to believe that the earth is flat, I am acting irrationally. Furthermore belief, as we all know, is not the same thing as justification. I can believe all sorts of things, such as that the moon is made of green cheese, but have absolutely no justification for this belief. My simply believing it has no bearing whatsoever on whether or not it is true (and thus a bit of knowledge).

Many prominent Celtic fans are, regarding the status of their beliefs about Rangers Football Club, in the same position as the person who believes that the earth is flat, or that the moon is made of green cheese. Why? Because they refuse to revise their belief that Rangers is a “dead club” despite all sound evidence to the contrary. Now I say ‘sound’ evidence because all sorts of spurious stories have been cooked up on various forums. But the fact of the matter is that every major sporting institution and legal\governmental body relevant to determining whether the club continues has ruled that it has, and is the same RFC which has existed since March, 1872. The broader point is that these people make the rules: there is no egalitarianism with regards to evidence – what Nimmo Smith, the SPFL, UEFA, etc. says is what goes.

So these certain Celtic fans, while holding to their belief that we somehow no longer exist, are simply irrational. They can believe what they want, but my point is that simply believing something, whether it be about green cheese or a football club, doesn’t give the belief any justification or grounding in reality. Nor does repeating it over and over lend it any credence – all that matters is how the belief corresponds to the facts; and on that front, we – not them – are in the right.

In fact the situation for these people is even worse than this. The lengths people like Paul Brennan and Phil Three-Names will go to weave an alternate version of reality consonant with the original belief (that we are “dead”) is so great that such individuals can be compared to paranoid schizophrenics. Schizophrenics, instead of revising their beliefs in accordance with evidence, will construct elaborate fantasies in order to retain a certain belief which has no grounding in fact. Many Celtic fans fit this profile – not only will they not accept reality, but they will self-publish books, lobby agencies and take out expensive advertisements in a desperate attempt to self-justify their lunacy. Anyone who doesn’t agree with the fantasy is thus painted as part of a large ‘MSM’ conspiracy, akin to the CIA conspiracies advocated by various UFO groups.

Why are seemingly normal people so irrational when it comes to Rangers? My only answer is that their hatred consumes them to such a degree that it overrides any of their dispositions to act in a reasonable, evidence-based manner. So take what I say here as a reminder of how dangerous these people are, and why we need to maintain a vigilant and steadfast defense of our club, our culture and our way of life. For as Thomas Paine once observed:

Trying to reason with the irrational is like trying to administer medicine to a dead man.”