Once in Royal David’s City

If we Rangers fans were to re-write the Christmas story the 3 wise men would bring us transparency, investment and good governance instead of the traditional gold. frankincense and myrrh. In fact if gifts were at a premium we could dispense with the latter – three wise men would do fine. For there was little wisdom in evidence regarding the board’s handling of the Sports Direct loan repayment. From inappropriate choice of words, grandstanding to the press via misleading and erroneous soundbites, and a failure to properly brief the QC as to the status of the loan repayment left us with the kind of clusterfuck often associated with David Somers.

What is it with Rangers chairmen and unnecessary grandstanding soundbites ?  If I had a fiver for every time a grandstanding press soundbite had come back to bite us on the arse – well let’s just say I’d have more than a tenner by now. The same book which brought us the Christmas story also gave us the warning that “Pride goeth before a fall”.

The bright star above Ibrox which heralded the removal of the previous incompetent charlatans for Rangers orientated men has certainly dimmed a little in recent weeks. Demands for good governance, but more importantly criticism when it is absent, should be consistent not dependent on whom is sitting on the board. While there were certain elements of the press, along with some anti-King elements in a variety of guises who made the most of this faux pas, let’s be honest enough to admit that this was a mess of our own making the blame for which lies fairly and squarely on the shoulders of our board and Dave King in particular.

Investment, good governance and transparency were the promises the new board heralded following their successful takeover and I hope the appointed fans reps on the board remind them that on this occasion they comprehensively failed on all 3 counts. That’s just not good enough – not by a long shot and the fact that such failure has been overseen by Rangers men, serves as an aggravator not as an excuse.

Only a fool would deny there is not a chalk and cheese difference between King & the 3 Bears and the Ashley Aide De Camps which they replaced, running of the club, and long may such differences be blatantly obvious. Let us hope the clusterfuck we witnessed over the Sports Direct repayment was very much a one off in Royal David’s City.