The Billy Boys (Reprise)

It’s probably a good time to check the moral compass. Let’s be honest when a song about Glasgow gang culture from the 30’s is deemed more headline grabbing than chants celebrating an active and proscribed terrorist organisation responsible for the deaths of thousands ‘“ then quite simply you know the game is a bogey. And knowing the game is a bogey is the important benchmark for us as Rangers supporters.

If sectarianism is the Scottish government’s equivalent of a lucrative sex trade then quite simply Graham Spiers is its biggest whore. His lack of integrity was exposed on National Television by my fellow blogger Chris Graham, in a manner which was not only scrumptious but also unequivocal. Well’¦. to the best of my knowledge it was.

So we as Rangers will not be taking morality lessons from the morally bereft Spiers. Is that too ‘complicated’ for you Graham? If not ‘“ then quite simply ‘“ do one, you absolute weasel and charlatan.

They hate the Billy Boys, though I actually doubt however if the content and words is the primary motivating factor. As an anthem it is second to none in football, it is intimidating, it unites and reminds us that running through the very DNA of our football club is a refusal to acquiesce, a refusal to bow down on one knee, an utter revulsion at the prospect of surrendering. They don’t like that ‘“ a Rangers who refuse to give in, who triumph over adversity and after several years of being battered from pillar to post the mere prospect of such a mind-set returning terrifies them.

If you find yourself continually moved to apologise for what we are and what we believe in and cherish ‘“ then perhaps you ought to seek another club.

I don’t intend to spend time arguing over the linguistic history of the word ‘fenian’ ‘“ suffice to say its inclusion as a sectarian term is an utterly ridiculous notion proposed and championed by people with an utter hatred of our club, unfortunately aided by those who follow our club and are less than careful, lazy even, with their choice of language and its entailment and consequences.

But the loaded dice have been rolled and it’s in such an environment we now operate. Those on message forums who boldly tell you to sing the Billy Boys in its original form ‘“ will they pay your fine if you are arrested? Will they explain to your children why daddy has lost his job or is going to jail?

Time to box clever bears. The words need to be altered so that we can belt out one of our most enigmatic anthems without fear, without compromise and without damage to our beloved club. I’ll leave the revised version to the better qualified songsmiths out there.

A revised and revamped Billy Boys delivers a message to the world  – we will adapt and change as circumstances suit, but we will never, ever, go away.