The Man with the Magic Hat

For those of you who like me were the product of a strict Brethren upbringing the word ‘Messiah’ is only used exclusively for one character in history, and Him alone. But I don’t think anyone would argue that the arrival of Mark Warburton has been akin to mana from heaven for the long suffering blue legions.

It would probably have been sufficient if the gaffer had come in spent a few shekels on decent tried and tested pros and secured promotion that way back to the top flight.

Perhaps had he laid the foundations of a youthful squad we would have been prepared to even wait a further term to secure promotion as we watched the ‘Warburton Babes’ develop into a promotion winning side.

And perhaps that patience would have been just as evident if we saw the nucleus of a footballing side, playing attractive exciting football which not only took our breath away but was also capable of sweeping aside the opposition.

But no not for Mark Warburton. Not only did he place an emphasis on youth, not only did he establish the nucleus of an exciting, attractive skilful squad, not only did he win the championship at a canter – he did it all on a shoestring budget. When his team, weakened as it was through injury, then went on to secure a Scottish Cup Final slot disposing of the SPL Champions elect with a brand of football likened to watching Barcelona you begin to understand that something truly magic is happening down Ibrox way  – with or without the now famous ‘magic hat’.

Football honours aside, Mark Warburton has given us back something else – our pride, our belief, our optimism and our willingness to dare to dream. He has done it based on principles which this club was raised on ‘“ hard work, dedication, professionalism and desire. He exudes a self-belief which is contagious. When doubters suggested we had to vary our play with a Plan B as teams adjusted to the free flowing Rangers ‘“ Warburton stuck to his ideals insisting we just had to do Plan A better.

The man is a class act who knows his football and footballers inside out. His professionalism and discipline made headlines when it was revealed Rangers players are subjected to urine tests to check for dehydration. When these sort of stories are deemed ‘newsworthy’ up in Scotland is it really any small wonder that our nation lags behind the rest of the footballing world?

The gaffer has the necessary ruthless streak required by all successful managers as the talismanic Waghorn discovered last Sunday, where despite his pleas, there was no place on the bench for anyone not deemed fully fit. No room for sentiment nor favourites.

Mark Warburton and Rangers were made for one another. The two share a football philosophy based on hard work, desire and dedication, his values reflect the values of our club with both having a burning ambition to bring greater success to Rangers Football Club.

Mark Warburton is on record as saying ‘I would love to be here for a long time’

Funnily enough so would we gaffer.