Felonious Insensitive Farcical Arrogant

I suppose it should come as no surprise to any of us that an organisation so bereft of morality, so lacking in accountability and so clearly out of touch with reality should levy fines on the Football Associations of our Home Counties for having the temerity to pay respect to our war dead. After all, this is an organisation which is so delusional it has scrapped it’s anti-racism task force amid claims all the objectives have been met.


Good luck with that.

Had FIFA been less inclined towards stamping a heavy jackboot over our Footballing Authorities, and more inclined to careful consideration as to what such ceremonies symbolise, perhaps they would have not drawn the ire of normally level headed people.


And if that careful consideration had been duly exercised perhaps FIFA would have realised that the sacrifices which we in this country hold so dear are also absolutely consistent with many of FIFA’s own initiatives which are attempting to eradicate racism and other forms of prejudice from football. Or perhaps FIFA needs reminding that many of those fallen which we seek to honour and remember courtesy of our remembrance ceremonies, died fighting a tyrannical regime which persecuted and murdered people according to their religion, race and lifestyle.

So often the target for our criticism, our Footballing Authorities deserve immense credit on this occasion for refusing to acquiesce on such an important issue. They could go one step further and challenge the validity of the fines and the interpretation from FIFA that the poppy as a symbol has either a “political or religious” connotation. In fact, they may well have to otherwise we may well find ourselves in a “déjà vu” situation come next November.