From the lips of Jimmy Millar

When a chap loses his heart to an ideal, there’s no going back. It grows and grows within him, growing stronger as the years slip past.
That is why, when people ask: “Would you rather play centre than in the half-back line?” my answer comes off my lips as though from a tape recorder:
“I don’t care where I play so long as I wear the Rangers colours.”

(Jimmy Millar)

Due to the way it has been mis-handled, there will be something of a media frenzy about what was said in the Ibrox dressing room last Sunday. Already this incident has divided opinion amongst our support, with some backing the players for speaking their minds whilst others insist the manager should be afforded some modicum of respect, regardless of who that is.

I doubt many of us would argue that Lee Wallace has given his heart to an ideal. While some badge kissers could not engineer their Ibrox exits quickly enough, Lee Wallace stayed for the fight to restore the club in its time of dire need. In terms of his flourishing international career it could be argued he paid a heavy price for doing so. Therefore, on the back of one of the most gutless, insipid, soulless and embarrassing performances from charlatans wearing the famous blue jersey, one can at the very least, understand the passion which proved to be the catalyst to whatever transpired within the dressing room.

As is often the case in life, it was actually what was not said which was important.

Graeme Murty’s post-match interview where he admitted he had not discussed the performance with the players for fear it may cause conflict or finger-pointing should merit an internal Rangers investigation more than anything else which transpired on Sunday.  Can any of you imagine Jock Wallace avoiding what needed to be said after such a humiliating capitulation for fear of upsetting some inflated or precious egos within the Ibrox dressing room ?

If a 4 nil thrashing to Celtic in a Scottish Cup Semi Final was not sufficient cause for Murty to light the blue touch paper in the Rangers dressing room – you have to ask yourself – just what the hell would be ?

The Heart & Hand Podcast summed the situation up perfectly via their twitter account.


Our current board have made a spectacular series of gaffes with regard to managerial recruitment, that situation could become a whole lot worse if they fail to act before Sunday. The Post Mortems on managerial decisions and the merits or madness of promoting the Youth Coach can wait for another day, for once, the board need to step out of character, show some leadership and for God’s sake listen to the real voice of the Club – the fans.